Sunday, July 23, 2017

Candy Ribbon Ring Opening!

Hi friends! <3

Got a little opening to share with you...

Stock Pic

Angelic Pretty: Candy Ribbon Ring in white


The package...

Opening it up...


Front view...

Back view...

Try-on pic...


I love the gold detailing on the bow! And there's sparkly glitter bits in the plastic too!
It's cute and will match with my wardrobe well <3

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Optic Oppression Concert & Furry N' Fierce Collab

Hi friends! <3

These past few days were pretty exciting for me...

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On Thursday night, I went to a concert featuring my favorite local band, Optic Oppression. Back in November when I started at my new job, one of my co-workers told me about the band and happened to casually mention that they were also the drummer in that band. I decided to go to one concert to check it out. Many months later, I've been to every single concert since then. Their music is great! It was described to me as "industrial" which I think means they focus on the instruments more than with some background sound effects and/or pre-recorded music. Whatever you call it; I like it. It reminds me vaguely of Avenged Sevenfold but not quite. It definitely has a unique sound that is all their own.

The lyrics are powerful and emotional. The lead singer is very expressive; both in vocals and movement. The drummer keeps the beat going while driving the flow and pace of the music.  The guitarists and keyboardist provide support and help weave everything together. 

Optic Oppression...

At the concert, I tried to take a video of them performing "Sparks" (one of their signature songs). Sorry it's not the best quality recording. Still getting used to my new phone. You'll have to click the link below since the file is apparently too big to upload here. Give it a listen won't you?

I'm super excited to go to upcoming concerts and hear more of their music! <3


Feel free to check out the links below if you're interested in more...

Facebook (to stay up to date on concerts and events)

YouTube (to listen to more music)

Bandcamp (to listen to their 6 track album with a free downloand option available as well)

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Saturday afternoon, I went to Build-a-Bear to check out the newly released items from their Hot Topic collab called Furry N' Fierce. It had just come out the other day. There is a full sized bear that you can stuff yourself, a smaller bear, a vinyl figure, and clothes (both for you and your bear).

The full sized bear (shown on the right) features a neon pink mohawk, ear cuffs, a tattoo (on the left shoulder), cuff bracelet, and satin fabric with a metallic skull pattern (on the inside of the ears and on bottoms of both feet). It is only available online at the Build-a-Bear website. None are sold in stores. However, you can go in person to a Build-a-Bear store and have them order it for you as well. It comes pre-stuffed, but you can take it to your nearest store if it needs a bit more fluff.

The smaller bear (shown on the left) is similar to the full sized bear, but with a red color used instead of the pink. It is only sold at Hot Topic and can be purchased either in store or on their website.

This is the display at my local store. Here you can see the available clothing options include a biker jacket, plaid shirt, skull and crossbones print dress, along with a sweater with skull and crossbones. Not shown is the plaid skirt which may have recently sold out. The glasses and shoes are not official collab merch but go well with the outfits.

The vinyl figure is also pretty cute. I've heard rumor that there are two versions of it. One is made out of standard plastic. The other is called a chaser (meaning special edition), and is flocked (has a fuzzy coating to it). I only saw the regular version.

Hot Topic also has a line of adult sized clothing, so you can twin with your new bear friend. Includes the same items as mentioned previously.

The collab is pretty awesome, huh? :-) I wonder what they'll come out with next?