Friday, January 11, 2019

Share 5 Dresses You Believe Are Underrated & Why...

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Lolita fashion is full of many beautiful dresses and accessories. There are various reasons why certain ones catch our eye compared to others. Some people may be drawn towards a favorite color, print, or design. Others may prefer soft fabrics or lace trims. Once you have the dress, accessories can then be added to personalize/ enhance your look. While everyone is familiar with the more popular ones (such as Cat's Tea Party, Day Dream Carnival, and Holy Lantern to name a few), there are many more that fall by the wayside and go unnoticed. This week's prompt has us sharing five dresses that we believe are underrated and why.

And let me just say, I believe the big reason people tend to avoid lesser known dresses is that the stock pics are awful. They never do a dress justice. However, everyone tends to reference the stock pic when trying to find out more about a dress. I mean, I appreciate the brands supplying potential buyers with these stock pics, but to properly evaluate a dress, it's better to either see it in person or online with detailed real life pics. I want to know what I'm buying before dropping $300 on a new release with only a blurry thumbnailto go by. Although, the brands have gotten somewhat better in recent years.

BTSSB "Milk Chan and Snow Strawberry Ribbon" (black)

This dress is from 2010 and features BSTTB's mascot Usakumya. The print has snowflakes, roses, and strawberries. It's an unusual combination as they are all from different seasons, but it somehow works well together. There is also cute little pom pom trim along the bottom hem instead of the usual lace. The dark color emphasizes the print which feels festive yet not too busy. I like that the print is semi generic and can be worn throughout winter and even into spring.

Angelic Pretty "A La Carte Tea Time" (pink)

This dress is from a 2012 lucky pack. The print features all kinds of sweets like strawberries, donuts and cookies. It even manages to work a bunny into the mix by cleverly disguising it as a cookie. The pink color is soft and makes the colors in the print stand out nicely. My favorite feature is the full back shirring which allows for comfort while wearing. It's super easy to coord too.

Innocent World "Rabbit and Horse Carousel Frill" (bordeaux)

This one is from 2016. While at first glance, it appears to be a standard classic style dress, it also has  elements in it that can be good for sweet style. I think it's interesting that the carousel aspect is implied and not actually shown as a normal carousel.  The carousel features both horses and rabbits, along with twirling flower garlands.

Metamorphose "Grapy Sweetie Fox Cub Ribbon Shirred" (blue)

This dress is from 2017. Meta is well known for having quirky prints and this one is definitely different. It features cute red fox cubs playing amidst bunches of green grapes. While there are numerous prints in lolita with bears and bunnies, you hardly ever see a fox one. The cubs are adorable. It reminds me of a fable called The Fox and the Grapes. The silver bows along the bottom hem are also removable so you can remove/attach them as you want.

Atelier Pierrot "Art Museum" (black)

This dress is from 2013. The print has keys, clocks, fancy picture frames, etc. It has a subdued color palette and is great for casual wear. Perfect for when you want to just throw on something cute and not fuss around much. I especially like how it looks fairly simple, but then you start to notice little details here and there upon closer inspection. 

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  1. I remember when the Rabbit and Hare Carousel print came out and it was not popular at all, it lingered in sale for a long time. Which is a shame, because I have seen several people wear it and it looks really lovely. Innocent World knows how to take a sweet theme and do it in a way that can still be sweet, but remains a little bit more classy and ladylike. It's great when you want that touch of whimsy, but don't feel like standing out from the crown as much as you would in a carousel print from AP, for example.

    1. Yeah, I think I got mine on sale too. It's really great.