Saturday, September 30, 2017

Red Bird Tea Meet-up!

Hi friends! <3

Went to a large semi local comm gathering for tea. The food was yummy and it was great to see some friends that I hadn't seen in awhile. It was nice to see everyone's coords and try for a raffle prize too! Everyone left with a goodie bag as well ;-)

The table was set so nicely...

We got to select our teacup from a table nearby...

Mine had blue flowers. I tried out this tea too...

It was delicious... <3

The food was served on tiered stands. You could choose from scones with cream and jam, mini muffins, fresh fruit, mini quiches, and assorted finger sandwiches...

Mmm... <3

Dessert was a blueberry tart with whipped cream and a mint leaf... <3


Wore a sweet coord in navy x lavender x white.

Headbow, jsk, otks~ Metamorphose "Twinkle Journey"
One ring~ Angelic Pretty "Dreamy Horoscope Unicorn"
Shoes~ Bodyline
Second ring~ Miss Candyholic
Pin, blouse~ vintage/thrifted
Earrings, necklace, third ring~ offbrand

Makeup and details closeup pic...

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Alchemy Print Chiffon Opening!

Hi friends! <3

Got a Moitie dress off my wishlist. I had originally wanted this in the black x red color, but really liked the blue one too. I wasn't expecting to find it right away, but when it popped up for sale I just  had to get it. Was a great price too! :-)

Stock Pic

Moi Meme Moitie: Alchemy Print Chiffon OP (black x navy)


The package...

Opening it up...


All folded up...

Unfolded (front and back views)...

Hanging up (front and back views)...

Bodice details...

Lace details... Roses <3

Print details...

Try-on pic...


The black x blue looks good together. There is elastic in the underbust, back neckline, and sleeves. A satin ribbon can be tied around the waist or removed if desired. The material is soft and silky; very light-weight. The print is more subdued than compared to how it was shown in the stock pic but I don't mind. The sleeves are mildly annoying as they tend to bunch up at the top. That, and I'm more used to wearing jsks which have shoulder straps as opposed to actual sleeves. Oh well. Also, I would have preferred to get the jsk version of this print but it wouldn't have fit me. Anyways... The dress is fairly comfy overall. I'm looking forward to wearing it to a meet-up sometime soon. Possibly around Halloween time.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Jerk's Sugar Rush Meet-up!

Hi friends! <3

Went for ice cream with the local comm on a super hot day. We were hoping the sweet treats would help us stay cool and refreshed. And who doesn't need a little extra sugar boost?

I got a turtle sundae with cookie dough ice cream. It was so yummy <3


Wore a sweet coord in pink x white x lavender.

I chose light weight fabrics and colors to help stay cool.

Headbow, jsk~ Angelic Pretty "Dream Fantasy"
Otks~ Angelic Pretty "Shy Bear"
One ring~ Angelic Pretty "Polka Dot Love Heart"
Shoes~ Bodyline
Earrings, necklace~ custom made by Peppermint Puff
One bracelet~ Chocomint
One pin~ Disney Shellie May
Peignoir (worn as blouse), other pin~ vintage/thrifted
Other bracelet, other rings ~ offbrand

Makeup and details closeup pic...

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Asian Fusion Bubble Tea Meet-up!

Hi friends! <3

Went to a casual meet-up with a nearby comm for some bubble tea and sushi. The restaurant had a laid back feel to it and everything was delicious. Would definitely love to go again sometime ;-)

I had a strawberry milk bubble tea. It was super yummy and sweet <3

I also got the tempura (fried shrimp) sushi roll. Mmm <3


Wore a sweet coord in navy x pink x white.

I've been wanting to try out this headdress for awhile now and thought this was the perfect opportunity to do so. I paired it with my apron to create a café/maid type inspired look

Headdress, wristcuffs~ handmade/gifts from a friend
Jsk~ Angelic Pretty "Merry Making Party"
Ring~ Angelic Pretty "Heartbeat Ribbon"
Shoes~ Bodyline
Otks~ Secret Shop
Necklace~ Le'Petite Macaron
Blouse, apron, earrings~ vintage/thrifted

Makeup and details closeup pic...