Thursday, March 28, 2019

Snack Time: Birthday Cake Cotton Candy!

Hi friends! <3

Since today is my birthday, I thought I'd try a similar type themed snack. Came across this while at the Dollar Tree.

$1- Birthday Cake Cotton Candy- USA

Let's open it up...


Nom nom…


This was very tasty! It had a nice fluffy texture. The coloring was light pink with hints of blue and white. There was a sweet vanilla flavor to it. I was reminded of Funfetti cake (which is one of my favorites) while eating it. This was a great deal for the price too. I would definitely get this again!

Stars: ***** (5 out of 5)

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Lace Headdress & Strawberry Rose Ring Opening!

Hi friends! <3

While I was away this weekend a package arrived from Wunderwelt. It contained the 2 items I chose as my birthday gift(s) from my boyfriend. Both were on my wishlist too, so I'm super happy about that :-)

Stock Pics

Metamorphose: Lace Headdress (black)

Q-Pot: Strawberry Rose Ring (pink)

The package...

Opening it...

It came with a sticker...

Unwrapping it...


Starting with the headdress...

Front and back views...

Lace and details...

Try-on pic...

And now for the ring...

Unwrapping it...

Front and side views...

Back view with brand logo...

Try-on pic...


I'm happy I was able to find both of these items from the same place. The headdress is simple and kind of an old-school style. It will go well with some of my dresses I had in mind. I may still look for a more elaborate one though. The ring is beautiful; and also my first Q-Pot item. I was surprised at the color being more peach than pink. I had wanted to wear it with pink dresses and other accessories, but now I'm not sure if it will match after all. The rose reminds me of a large gummy candy. It is firm with a bit of give to it. The band is also adjustable. I'll have to try both items out and see how it goes.

Tora Con Day 2 & Haul!

Hi friends! <3

So, today was the last day of the con. We got up a little early to pack and check out, before heading over to the con. I was excited to get there for rehearsal since I was modeling in the fashion show.

There was a good representation of the various styles. Once everyone knew the plan and had done a few practice walks/poses, staff began letting people in. There was a nice sized crowd. After we each took our turn on the stage, audience members were allowed to ask us questions. Some of the ones we got asked were "What got you interested in lolita?" and "What is your dream dress and why?" It was fun!

 Then it was time for a final walk through of the vendor and artist alley area. I splurged on  a headdress I had been debating over as well as got a few more small things. But not too bad in the end.

Wore a gothic coord in navy x black x gold.

Jsk~ Angelic Pretty "Holy Lantern"
Otks~ Angelic Pretty "Holy Lacy Doll"
Earrings~ Metamorphose "Crown Cross"
Shoes~ Bodyline
Headdress~ Sweet Mildred
Wrist Cuffs~ Belladonna
Ring~ Voodooodolly "Beasts Dragon"
Veil~ Taobao
Blouse, necklace~ vintage
Other ring~ offbrand

Makeup and details...


There was so many cool things for sale everywhere. Plushies, posters, hand made accessories, etc. It was kind of overwhelming. Needless to say I went a bit shop happy lol. But I think everything I got will be fairly useful.

Holographic Mermaid Poster- ETs * Designs
Umbreon Postcard- yanimatorART
Alolan Vulpix Sticker- CatCafeCrafts
Skulls and Flowers Headdress with Veil- Eternally Thirsty
Wing Rings- Sleepy Sheepie Creations
Cat and Fox Pins- Sweet Mildred

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Tora Con Day 1!

Hi friends! <3

I went to another con with the boyfriend over the weekend; Tora Con!

The night before, we checked into the hotel and then picked up our badges. They gave us the program book and a schedule. It was fun to look over all the events and panels available. It also listed out and had a map of the vendors and artist alley booths.

We started off in the vendor and artist alley section. I saw this cute little plushie version of the Sanrio character Marumofubiyori. He's a polar bear that is very attached to his fuzzy blanket and likes to nap/relax at home. So cute!

There were so many interesting things to see. All kinds of merchandise, artwork, crafts, etc. I took a moment and got a pic in this special photo area. I like how they included so many different anime characters in one setting; Ed and Winry from Full Metal Alchemist, Goku from Dragonball, Serena from Sailor Moon, Nami from One Piece, and a couple others I didn't know.

Since a lot of time was spent shopping, we just went to one panel (RWBY), and then played Pokémon Go for a few hours (as it was Treecko community day). After such a busy day, we ended up having a late lunch. I got this pork ramen bowl. It was delicious!

Wore a sweet coord in pink x ivory x gold. 

Barrette, jsk~ Angelic Pretty "Chocolate Rosette"
Ring~ Angelic Pretty "Tiara Chocolate"
Earrings~ BTSSB "Princess Rapunzel Dolly" 
Otks~ Metamorphose "Dressy"
Shoes~ Bodyline
Hair Clip~ Chocomint
Necklace, other rings~ Sweet Poison Cupcake
Bracelets~ vintage
Blouse, other bracelet~ offbrand

Makeup and details...

Sunday, March 10, 2019

UBCon Day 3 & Mini Haul!

Hi friends! <3

Day 3 (Sunday)

Today was the last day of the con. I frilled up again; in pastels this time. Most of the day was spent helping out in the vendor room and taking one last look around at the goodies for sale. Thankfully I only ended up with just one more item. I went to a tea party panel to enjoy some tea and relax after a such a busy weekend. The tea party had a 90's theme to it. They had music videos from popular 90's music playing while everyone chatted.

I tried out this tea. It was tasty :-)

Letting it steep...


They also had snacks, so I got some bbq chips and a lemon candy for later...

Cool themed plate...

I wore a sweet coord in pink x lavender x white. Used my plush dog bag, and put a bow on my headbow to be extra cute.

Headbow, jsk~ Angelic Pretty "Cotton Candy Shop"
Otks~ Angelic Pretty "Shyness Bear"
Ring~ Angelic Pretty "Polka Dot Love Heart"
Earrings~ Peppermint Puff
Necklace, other two rings~ Sweet Poison Cupcake
Shoes~ Bodyline
Wrist cuffs~ handmade/gift from a friend 
Blouse~ vintage
Hair clip, bracelet, bag~ offbrand

 Makeup and details...

Accessory details...

Bonus silly pic... Kiss kiss <3

Mini Haul

There wasn't much at the con I ended up buying, but I really like what I did get.

Cardcaptor Sakura mini figure
Glittery coffin shaped earrings- Articulate Constellations
Star bracelets
Alolan Vulpix pin- Happywhip

Fox fan was gifted to me by a friend <3