Sunday, March 10, 2019

UBCon Day 3 & Mini Haul!

Hi friends! <3

Day 3 (Sunday)

Today was the last day of the con. I frilled up again; in pastels this time. Most of the day was spent helping out in the vendor room and taking one last look around at the goodies for sale. Thankfully I only ended up with just one more item. I went to a tea party panel to enjoy some tea and relax after a such a busy weekend. The tea party had a 90's theme to it. They had music videos from popular 90's music playing while everyone chatted.

I tried out this tea. It was tasty :-)

Letting it steep...


They also had snacks, so I got some bbq chips and a lemon candy for later...

Cool themed plate...

I wore a sweet coord in pink x lavender x white. Used my plush dog bag, and put a bow on my headbow to be extra cute.

Headbow, jsk~ Angelic Pretty "Cotton Candy Shop"
Otks~ Angelic Pretty "Shyness Bear"
Ring~ Angelic Pretty "Polka Dot Love Heart"
Earrings~ Peppermint Puff
Necklace, other two rings~ Sweet Poison Cupcake
Shoes~ Bodyline
Wrist cuffs~ handmade/gift from a friend 
Blouse~ vintage
Hair clip, bracelet, bag~ offbrand

 Makeup and details...

Accessory details...

Bonus silly pic... Kiss kiss <3

Mini Haul

There wasn't much at the con I ended up buying, but I really like what I did get.

Cardcaptor Sakura mini figure
Glittery coffin shaped earrings- Articulate Constellations
Star bracelets
Alolan Vulpix pin- Happywhip

Fox fan was gifted to me by a friend <3

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