Friday, March 1, 2019

What is One Facet of the Fashion You Enjoy & One You Don't...

Hi friends! <3

So, this week's topic is fairly straight forward. Let's get into it!

Enjoy- I love getting all dressed up in cute clothes and accessories. As you get older, clothing choices seem to become limited. Work clothes all look the same after awhile, and it's difficult to find something not covered in stripes, polka dots, or flower prints. There's many times I've seen something in the children's section at a store and wished it came in my size. Why don't they make things like that for adults? Some places have been working on this, but there's still room for improvement. Lolita clothes and accessories are a great way for people to express their inner self/creative side. The big, small, and indie brands are all coming out with new things constantly. You're bound to find something you like. And, even if you and your friends want to get the exact same thing, you can still coord it differently.

Don't Enjoy- Meet-ups not happening much. I used to go to about two meet-ups a month between the local and semi-local comms. Now I'm lucky if at least one meet-up happens. That may be due to a variety of things though. I think it's mainly due to the weather (as we're in winter time here still). Although spring is on the way, it may be awhile before it actually decides to stay. I also think some people may have just switched their focus to be on other things like family and different hobbies. I may just try for more casual/smaller type meet-ups/events instead, like going for lunch with a friend. I want to go places and do things while all dressed up, and not spend money on things just to have them sit around in my closet going to waste.

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  1. Why don't you organise a meetup then? Everyone always wants meetups, but very few people actually do stuff about that. And people are just as happy to just go for lunch as they are for fancy teas etc.

    1. I have done a couple with mixed results. Will try a few more maybe once the weather gets warmer.