Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Tulle Lace Princess Headdress Opening!

Hi friends! <3

Got a little opening today. 
I think I finally found a headdress that will work with the Love Moon Princess OP.

Stock pic

Metamorphose: Tulle Lace Princess Headdress (off-white)


The package...

Opening it up...


Front view...

Loving the lace and trim details... <3

Back view...

Brand logo... 

Try-on pic... 
(Sorry for the tired, no make-up look. It was a long day.)


I love the lace on this! <3 It is super soft and elegant. The roses and bead trim add a nice touch as well. I was a little hesitant to try out a flat headdress but I ended up loving how it looks on me. Although, I might try to see if I can tie the ribbons behind my head instead of under my chin so they're not too noticeable. It will go nicely with my Love Moon Princess OP I'm thinking of wearing to the upcoming ILD meet-up.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Anime North: Haul Opening!

Hi friends! <3

Anime North was a great experience for me. I ended up bringing home quite a nice haul of goodies :-) Most are lolita related with some anime ones as well. I thought it would be fun to share what I got.

*Flea Market Finds*

Gorgeous Sailor Moon promo postcards. They were given out at select theaters when the Sailor Moon R movie was shown. One is of Sailor Moon, and the other is of Sailor Jupiter (my favorite scout!). I think they would look nice framed and sitting on my dresser.

Cute Pokémon Umbreon and Espeon figures. I love how Eevee has the potential to evolve into different types and these are two of my favorites. <3

Lovely (and free!) flower necklace. I like the artwork and it will be perfect to wear in the summertime.

Shiny Chocomint 2-way Star clip. I have similar ones, but nothing with this darker colorway...


At the Angelic Pretty booth, I got two pairs of otks (Princess Logo and Toe Shoe). I think they will go nicely with my lolita wardrobe...


I lucked out at another booth (can't remember the name sorry) as it was a fellow lolita doing a huge closet clean out. There were racks filled with dresses and a bunch of accessories as well. I scored Angelic Pretty x Little Twin Stars "Cosmetic Bunny" necklaces in pink (new with tag!) and lavender...

Along with one of my wishlist items (Angelic Pretty "Dreamy Horoscope Unicorn" necklace in white/clear)…

And a cute Angelic Pretty "Lovely Ribbon" ring...

At the Twylite booth, I obtained this lovely hair clip. I love how the crescent moon is all pink and glittery with star charms dangling from it... <3

And I got these rings from the Charming Monsters booth. They had a wonderful assortment of accessories. Being a sweet lolita I was immediately drawn to the rings that were shaped like ponies and a teapot. Like the moon clip, they also contain glitter and confetti in the plastic. Are you sensing a theme yet? Lol...

Since there were two lolita/j-fashion guests, I decided it would be a great opportunity to get their autographs. Chisa signed this Angelic Pretty flyer which I plan to frame and display in my room... 

And Minori signed one side of a double-sided poster I got at her booth...

The back looks pretty cool too. I want to frame this as well but will have to search for a large enough size...

The bag had a cute design and they even included a bonus postcard with brochure featuring more images of Minori…

Finally, at the tea party I got a few postcards and a little goody bag containing washi tape and a postcard...

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Anime North: Day 3!

Hi friends! <3

Today was both a sad and exciting day for me. It was the last day of the con but also the day of the big lolita tea party. I got up early to put my coord on and packed up my stuff. Then I went over to the hotel site where the event was to take place. Since there was plenty of time before the tea party started, I decided to attend one more panel. It was about tarot cards and their various meanings. It was interesting.

Afterwards, I got in line for the tea party. There was a bunch of people already in line even though it was not supposed to start for another hour. To distract myself from the wait, I checked out what everyone else was wearing. Some coords were very OTT and detailed while others featured themed props and handmade headdresses. So beautiful <3

Once the doors opened, we were let in. The room was large with a row of tables at the front (for the guests), round tables in the middle (for attendees), and a buffet style food area set-up in the back. Seating was not assigned so you could sit wherever you wanted. I joined a random table and saw this on my place setting...

There was also a lolita themed bingo card which the staff invited us to start with so I did. It was fun to chat with other lolitas and learn more about them. Also, completed bingo cards went into a drawing for raffle prizes. 

Once I completed my card, I checked out the food. Cute little finger sandwiches (egg salad, chicken salad, cucumber/cream cheese, salami/cheese) and a couple veggies...

A beverage station with coffee and different teas you could choose from...

Blueberry and cranberry scones...

And mini fruit tarts.

Tables were called up to get their food a few at a time. The food portions were limited, but later on (once everyone got their allotted share) you could go back for more. Which I did because those sandwiches were gone in like two bites. Very yummy :-)

My earl gray tea was delicious too :-)

Then it was time for the raffle prizes. Prizes had been donated by vendors and guests that had booths at the con.

The guests (Chisa from Angelic Pretty, Minori, and a kimono designer) gave speeches. Chisa and Minori also got to pick their favorite coords from the attendees for special recognition/prizes. I was mildly disappointed that I didn't win any of the raffle items or special prizes. However, I was pleasantly surprised when they announced everyone would be getting a goody bag from Angelic Pretty just for attending the tea party. 

Opening it up...

Adorable washi (decorative stationary) tape featuring the prints Diner Doll and Suya Suya (Peaceful Sleeping) Toys <3

And a postcard featuring the print Jewelry Snow <3

Then the guests got to chat and mingle with us attendees. I got another selfie with Minori <3

And Chisa too! <3

I had a great time at this con overall and would love to go back again next year!


Wore a sweet coord in brown x ivory x gold.

Headbow, jsk~ Angelic Pretty "Chocolate Rosette" Special Set
Wrist cuffs~ Angelic Pretty "Noble"
Ring~ Angelic Pretty "Tiara Chocolate"
Otks~ AATP "Merry Making in the Ghost Town"
Shoes~ Bodyline
Necklace, other ring~ Sweet Poison Cupcake
Blouse, earrings~ vintage/thrifted

Makeup and details pic...

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Anime North: Day 1 & 2!

Hi friends! <3

So, this weekend I am attending Anime North with my boyfriend for the very first time. I am super excited! It's a really big anime convention and there are lots of vendors, panels, and things going on all weekend. Angelic Pretty has a booth with their designer Chisa making a guest appearance. Minori whom I've seen online is also going to be there. And then on the last day is the big lolita tea party :-)


Day 1

I worked a half day, helped pack up the car, and then we were on our way. The drive took a few hours and was fine with some traffic on the way. As soon as we checked into the hotel, I changed into a school girl outfit and braided my hair. 

Then walked over to the con site to pick up our badges and check things out. There was a ton of people. I found the Angelic Pretty booth and browsed all the pretty items. There were dresses, purses, socks, and other accessories. I only bought a couple items though. I also chatted with one of the booth staff members about how much I loved the brand but had a tough time fitting into their clothes due to being a somewhat tall and plus-size lolita. I suggested things such as longer shoulder straps, more full back shirring pieces, and more normal waisted jsks. She seemed to be listening intently and asked where I usually buy lolita. I hope she takes my ideas into consideration for possible future designs/releases. I also got Chisa's autograph! I was so nervous/excited and warm from the heat that I felt suddenly dizzy and had to sit down for awhile. 

Once I was feeling better we went to get in line for the Nominoichi, or flea market/garage sale. Inside it was very warm with people crowding around sales displays and spending their money. I looked around trying to figure out where to start. I caught sight of some lolita clothes and off I went to begin shopping. There was a variety of items available from lolita to manga, figures, plushies, posters, etc. Needless to say, I ended up with a few things at the end of the night. It was crazy but fun..


Day 2

I got up early and headed over to get in line for viewing the Angelic Pretty fashion show. Wore my Kiki's Delivery Service dress. It's one of my favorites and perfect for the hot weather going on lately. I also couldn't resist wearing this cute star hairclip that I had gotten last night. 

The fashion show was amazing. It was nice to see some of the dresses that I had seen online up there on stage in real life. Here's a few of my favorites…

After the show, I went to the Angelic Pretty booth to see if anything new had been put out. I didn't see much different from before so I just got a pic with Chisa.

She was still wearing her coord from the fashion show. I believe the print is called Doll's Tea Party.  So cute <3

I did some more shopping and attended a couple panels. Minori- History of Shironuri Fashion and Angelic Pretty- Q&A. It was interesting to see their presentations and hear their responses to questions from the audience. I tried to get pics but they were all pretty blurry :-(

At the panel, Minori mentioned that she had a booth in the vendor's room and invited everyone to stop by. Of course I had to go take a look. There were accessories that she had designed and made, postcards, photo books, and posters. I got a poster which she autographed along with a pic of us.

She was wearing an outfit that she had designed and made herself. I loved the grey and white colors together with contrasting textures. So beautiful <3

After a busy day, I was ready to head back to the hotel and sleep. But not before a quick stop at the display case which contained a sample of the items that would be in the auction the next day. These little Eevee plushies caught me eye. I pointed them out to my boyfriend. Perhaps he could bid on them while I was at the tea party.