Thursday, May 17, 2018

Snack Time: Choco Pie Green Tea!

Hi friends! <3

Today is the start of a new series in my blog where I try out new (well, at least to me they are) snacks. They are ones I've picked up randomly while out and about. This first one, I got at an Asian grocery store :-)

$3.99- Lotte Choco Pie Green Tea- Korea

Let's open it up...

Individually wrapped...

Unwrapping it...

Nom nom...


This reminds me of moon pies with the chocolate covered outside and marshmallow inside. When I opened it up, I could smell the chocolate. No hint or anything of the green tea though. Biting into it, it was soft and some crumbs fell. I could taste the chocolate along with the marshmallow, but not much of the green tea. After eating, I did notice a lingering green tea taste in my mouth.

I am a fan of green tea and was hoping for a stronger flavor overall and am mildly disappointed. Although they were alright and a great deal for the price, I may or may not get them again.

Stars: *** (3 out of 5)

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