Saturday, April 29, 2017

UB Con Coord!

Hi friends! <3

I went to another convention this weekend. Only wore lolita for one day though. My friend was hosting the tea party event. It was fun to chat with everyone and enjoy the yummy refreshments :-)



Classic coord; green x ivory x gold.

Jsk~ Innocent World "Ave Maria"
Otks~ Angelic Pretty "Crown Logo"
Shoes~ Bodyline
Veil~ Sweet Dreamer
Blouse, bag, earrings, necklace, bracelet, ring~ offbrand

Monday, April 24, 2017

Tora Con Coords!

Hi friends! <3

This past weekend I went to Tora Con. It was fun to see some friends and go shopping in the vender/artist alley rooms. I also went to a few panels and the maid cafĂ© :-) I wore lolita both days.

Delicious taiyaki and green tea <3

Cute jewelry from Le'Petite Macaron <3


Day #1: Sweet; lavender x navy x gold.

Headbow, jsk, otks~ Angelic Pretty "Aquarium Carnival"
Ring~ Angelic Pretty "Dreamy Horoscope Unicorn"
Scepter~ BTSSB "Butterfly Crown"
Shoes~ Bodyline
Hairclip, other ring~ Chocomint
Veil~ Sweet Dreamer
Earrings, blouse, purse, bracelet~ offbrand 


Day #2: Sweet; pink x lavender x gold.

Headbow, jsk~ Angelic Pretty "Fancy Paper Dolls"
Otk~ Angelic Pretty "Cotton Candy Shop"
Ring~ Angelic Pretty "Dreamy Horoscope Ribbon"
Shoes~ Bodyline
Bracelet~ Chocomint
Necklace~ Kate Spade
Earrings, blouse, purse, other bracelets, other ring~ offbrand

Monday, April 17, 2017

Chocolate Rosette MTO Opening!

Hi friends! <3

My favorite brand (Angelic Pretty) was having a made-to-order for Chocolate Rosette and I joined in. I ordered the jsk and matching headbow in navy. The package arrived today. Since this is my first chocolate print, I am very excited about it :-)

Stock Pics

Angelic Pretty: Chocolate Rosette Headbow (navy)

Angelic Pretty: Chocolate Rosette Jsk (navy)


The package...

Opening it up...

Sweet note from the staff...

All wrapped up...


Brooch wrapped (front view)...

Brooch wrapped (back view)...

Brooch unwrapped (front view)...

Brooch unwrapped (back view)...

Headbow (front view)...

Headbow (back view)...

Jsk folded up...

Unfolded (front view)...

Unfolded (back view)...

Hanging up (front and back view)...

Bodice details...

Print and trim details...

All together... <3

Try-on pic...


I love the print! It has bows, polka dots, chocolate coins and medals in it. The golden details are just gorgeous. They used little strips of pleated fabric as the trim instead of lace, which is an interesting idea. The brooch is removable so it can be worn with other dresses or attached to a hat or jacket even. The headbow has a cute little golden crown charm on it as well. The jsk fit is a bit snug but I knew that when I got it. Darn you partial shirring *sigh* I may have to limit myself to just full back shirring and avoiding partial shirring from now on as its really difficult to fasten the hook and zip it up. Thank goodness my boyfriend can help me out :-) I'm looking forwarding to creating a coord with it to wear sometime soon.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Karaoke Meet-up!

Hello friends! <3

Went to karaoke with some lolita friends. We sang a bunch of songs and even did a few together. Definitely a fun time :-) I tried to create a comfy coord that could be worn with my new usakumya bag. I used white to lighten up the feel of the dark colors and print. I'm not quite sure if it worked so well, but I think it worked fairly well.

Wore a gothic/sweet coord in white x wine x black x gold.

(Photo was taken at night, so excuse the weird shadows.)

Headbow~ Angelic Pretty
Jsk~ Angelic Pretty "Holy Lantern"
Otk~ Angelic Pretty "Holy Lacy Doll"
Shoes~ Bodyline
Blouse, necklace~ Vintage/thrifted
Earrings, bracelet, ring~ ofbrand