Friday, May 22, 2020

5 Surprise Finds That You Didn't Realize You Would Enjoy So Much...

Hi friends! <3

Triple Fortune Bonnet- I always thought bonnets looked nice on others, but weren't suited for me. I had tried out two half bonnets that came with jsk sets, but disliked the look and sold them off. Then I came across this one at the Triple Fortune booth at Ruffle Con. I loved how beautiful it was. The light colors are great for both sweet and classic looks. I feel like a princess whenever I wear it to fancy events.

Metamorphose "Tulle Lace Princess" Headdress- I tend to wear headbows most of the time with my coords. I saw some people wearing rectangular/flat headdresses in their old school coord posts and wanted to try one out. I picked this up for fairly cheap and love it so much! The lace and trim details are so pretty <3 It has a bit of a cushion underneath too, so it sits up on your head nicely. The beads sway and make a pleasant rattling noise when you move your head to the side.

Bodyline "Shoes515"- Going along with the old school style, I also wanted to try out a a pair of rocking horse shoes. I have this pair from Bodyline. I feel somewhat awkward wearing them as I'm already tall, but am getting used to it. I think they look really cool.

Handmade Wrist Cuffs- I usually wear bracelets and thought wrist cuffs were sort of weird. A friend gifted me a pair they had made and I discovered how much I liked them. They are super cute, match with a lot of my coords, and can change up my look in just a few minutes.

Moi Meme Moitie "Stained Glass Chiffon" Jsk- Although I am mainly a sweet lolita, I am also fond of gothic style. This jsk is gorgeous and lets me express my darker, elegant side.

I hope you enjoyed this post! :-)
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Friday, May 1, 2020

Pros & Cons: Keeping to One Style VS Multiple Styles...

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As a lolita who wears mainly sweet style along with some gothic and the occasional classic, I truly related to this weeks blog prompt. Here's my thoughts on things...

One Style

Pros- Rapid improvement rate, less time spent/invested, fewer pieces required- Coording becomes easier due to practicing/focusing on just that one style. You learn quickly what items work and which do not. Less time is spent shopping as you have a narrow focus. Items bought can often be used in multiple coords.

Cons- Limited selection- Your choices are about the same when deciding what to wear. Do I wear the pink dress with the bunnies or the blue one with the teddy bears? It can become boring/frustrating after awhile. As much as I love pastels and cute prints, there are times when I feel like wearing dark colors or having something with a more subtle design.

Multiple Styles

Pros- Variety/choices, experimenting - You have more flexibility when deciding what to wear. You can be a pastel cupcake one day, then a gothic princess the next. It is easier to experiment and try new things, which leads to learning more about each style along the way. 

Cons- Little time spent/invested (per style), slower improvement rate, more pieces required, more costly, less space- Your time is divided up among the different styles. Less experience means coording will take longer, and the increased likelihood of making mistakes. There is also an increase in spending as not all of your pieces will be able to work with other styles. You will most likely have to purchase additional items that are specific to just that style. When I decided to continue with gothic style, I ended up having to buy a bunch of basics. Things like shoes, a bag, and jewelry. Additional items also means less space. Whatever space you've allocated for your wardrobe will have to share that with your items from those other styles.

While it does seem that it may be better to keep to one style vs multiple styles, I enjoy the freedom and flexibility that multiple styles provide me (as I have been in lolita fashion for ten years now). I love being able to change things up. I would recommend that newer lolitas first gain experience in one style before venturing into another. I hope you enjoyed this post!

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Saturday, April 25, 2020

Virtual Meet-up!

Hi friends! <3

Just a quick post this time. The semi local comm had a virtual meet-up. We chatted a bit and then played an online version of Cards Against Humanity (lolita edition)...

It was interesting and quite different, but fun. Hopefully we'll do another one soon.


Wore a casual coord in navy x black x ivory.

Headdress~ Metamorphose "Tulle Lace Princess"
Earrings~ Metamorphose "Crown Cross"
Cutsew~ Metamorphose unknown/lucky pack
Necklace~ Metamorphose unknown/lucky pack
Otks~Metamorphose "Snow Party Logo"
Skirt~ handmade/gift from a friend
Cardigan, three rings, (slippers)~offbrand
Fourth ring~ vintage

Makeup and details...

Friday, April 24, 2020

Top Tips for Managing Your Wardrobe...

Hi friends! <3

One of the most difficult things when starting out in lolita, is building up a wardrobe. It generally takes years of saving, searching, and much trial and error. Along the way, you learn and grow. But what do you do once you have a fairly decent wardrobe established? That's where the maintenance part comes in.

Maintenance is important. It should be done periodically and to different degrees. Depending on ones wardrobe, it may take a few minutes to an hour or more. Here are some tips.

It shouldn't have to be said, but please wash your clothes. This can be done either by machine or by hand. I recommend checking the inner tag for specific directions. There are places online that can translate the little symbols. Test cleaners on an unnoticeable area of the garment to see if colors run or prints bleed. Use a gentle detergent. Small items can be hand washed in a sink, while dresses can go in the tub or a large bucket. Lay heavy items like dresses flat to dry (on towels) to prevent placing extra strain/pulling on the straps. I like to place my otks and blouses in little netted bags in the wash machine on low delicate cycle with cold water, then remove promptly and hang to air dry. 


Sometimes accidents can happen, or just after repeated wearings your items become damaged and need some extra attention. Lace may tear, buttons may fall off, necklaces may break, etc. Take out your repair/sewing kit and find a cozy seat with good lighting. I got a blouse from a thrift store that had a button pop off while trying it on. Luckily I found the button and can stitch it right back on.


It's great to have a wardrobe, but it's not good to have to hunt for an item when coording. Everything should have a proper place and be relatively easy to find. Clothes hung up in the closet, shoes lined up on a rack, and accessories sorted neatly into little containers. And once you're done with something, it should be put back. I like to use these boxes with the dividers to keep my necklaces from tangling up.


Small wardrobes grow into larger wardrobes that can get out of hand or be overwhelming. This is especially true for those who have been in the fashion for a long time. You tend to acquire a lot. But you don't always need to keep everything. Look closer at what you have. Items that don't fit, have unflattering cuts or colors,  regretful impulse buys, things that don't match anything, are unworn or rarely worn should be set aside. Consider putting them up for sale. It may be difficult, but your wardrobe (and you) will be better off in the long run. Doing this can also help you realize areas where you may be lacking. Funds earned from sales can be put towards a much needed item or even a dream dress.

I hope these tips were helpful :-)
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Friday, April 17, 2020

Create a Coord That Sparks Joy...

Hi friends! <3

I decided to use my favorite piece from the last post, and make a fairly simple sweet coord in pink x lavender with some old-school elements. I would also include a pair of small gold hoop earrings and a pearl bracelet or wristcuffs. 

This coord sparks joy for me because it reminds me of when I was starting out in lolita. Coords were simpler and didn't requiring a lot of effort and extra things. I think a lot of people have forgotten that. You don't need to have a giant wig, large prop, and a million accessories to make a decent coord. Others must feel the same as I've noticed a mild return to old-school looks as well. What do you think?

BTSSB: Spin Doll Headdress
Vintage/thrifted: Blouse
Angelic Pretty: Dream Fantasy Jsk
Offbrand: Unicorn Necklace
Angelic Pretty: Unknown Otks
Bodyline: Shoes515
Angelic Pretty: Happy Lovely Heart Bag
Angelic Pretty: Candy Ribbon Ring

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Friday, April 10, 2020

Share a Bit About Your Favorite Piece & How You Acquired It...

Hi friends! <3

Will all the craziness going on in the world, the Lolita Blog Carnival group has been revived! That means fun new posts for all you lovely readers to enjoy :-) Let's get right into things shall we?

My favorite piece is Angelic Pretty's Dream Fantasy <3

I bought it in 2014 from a friend a couple years after I had moved. It was altered to be slightly bigger and came with the matching headbow. I tried it on and the fit was perfect. I was so happy! At the time, my wardrobe was mainly skirts and blouses with maybe a few dresses, so this was a great addition for me.

This jsk was originally from a 2013 lucky pack that included a jsk, headbow, otks, blouse, and small bag. Unknown to me, it was actually fairly new at the time I had bought it. Back then, I wasn't too knowledgeable about prints and releases. I have learned a lot since then though. I even ended up buying the bag from the blue version of that set from another person later on. What are the odds of that?

There are a few aspects that make this my favorite piece (aside from the larger sizing)...

Bodice- Fairly simple and cute. A little bib with tiny bows and star lace. The waist bow is a good size without being too large or obnoxious.

Print- Super cute animals (bunnies, bears, mice, unicorns), scoops of ice cream, rainbows, clouds, stars, castles, balloons, etc. It makes me think of a sweet dream land that I would love to visit. 
Colors- Soft pastels that appear faded, but are not. It really enhances the dream-like feeling of the print.

Lace- In addition to the star lace, there is special lace around the bottom hem that features bears holding balloons and more stars.

I love the attention Angelic Pretty gave  to details, even for just a lucky pack dress. I find it super easy to coord this piece. Here's some I've done over the years...

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Saturday, April 4, 2020

Stained Glass Coffin Ring MTO Opening!

Hi friends! <3

I ordered a couple coffin rings from an etsy shop that had posted in the Lolita Updates group on fb. They are handmade in a stained glass style. I couldn't decide between black and blue so I got both.

Stock Pic

Neant Glass: Stained Glass Coffin Ring (black & blue)


The package...

Opening it up...



Front, side, and back views...

Close-up (black)...

Close-up (blue)...

Try-on pic...


These rings are great! The glass is nice and thick. I like how the black color is solid, while the blue is somewhat see-through. Both have silver trim around the edges. I noticed one area on the side of the black ring where the edge could have been smoothed down more as it seems to end abruptly. It's not too noticeable and it may have just been overlooked. The ring band features a lovely swirled design, however it is kind of thin. I would be careful when adjusting/bending it to avoid any potential damage. 

Each ring was $16, with shipping being about $7, and another couple of dollars for tax. It came in a bubble envelope with little cardboard boxes and foam inserts. I think the quality, price, and packaging is very reasonable. These will go great with my gothic coords. The blue is very close to that infamous Moitie blue. I am considering ordering from them again next time orders open up. In addition to the coffin rings, they had coffin earrings, heart rings, and heart earrings in various colors. Maybe a heart ring in pink or that shimmery white color they called iridescent? Definitely go check them out on Etsy at Neant Glass.

Order Timeline

1/31 MTO announced in Lolita Updates fb group

2/14 MTO begins, order placed, paid, received confirmation of order

3/29 Notified that package was shipped, provided tracking number

4/4 Arrived

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

March Sip Down Progress & April Goals!

Hi friends! <3

I think I've gotten the hang of this sip down thing. Yay!

In March, I finished up Tradition: Matcha Latte & Lipton: Matcha Green. Drank through samples of Tea and Absinthe: White Cherry, Tealightful: Chocolate Chai, & DavidsTea: Cold 911. Also had four little bags of Empereur: White & one sachet of DavidsTea: Bed of Roses. Along with some various cups from a few other teas (DavidsTea: Movie Night, DavidsTea: Pomegrateful, Teavana: Golden Dragon, & DavidsTea: Fireside Mocha).

I bought a few teas; DavidsTea: Peanut Butter Cup &  Touch Organic: Jasmine Green. The DavidsTea: Grand Cru Matcha was free since I used a redemption. I also had my sister order a tea for me when she did her order, but I haven't gotten it yet due to being stuck at home. It was Bird & Blend: Bonfire Toffee. I'll include it in my next post hopefully.

I also bought this mug from a thrift store. I love the gray color and interesting texture it has. I think it would be great for lattes.

For April, I am going to continue working on Movie Night, Pomegrateful, Bed of Roses, & White. Start on Matcha, Cookie Dough, Cardamom Macchiato, Cherry Almond, Belgian Chocolate, Silk Dragon Jasmine, & Pure Matcha.