Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Wardrobe Goals: 2017 & 2018!

Hello friends! <3

It's time for wardrobe goals! So, I thought I'd review what mine were from the previous year along with how I've been doing. I also set some new goals for next year. Enjoy!

Curious about earlier wardrobe goals?

Wardrobe goals:  2017!

1.) Show some love to items that haven't been worn much.

Done! I wore some dresses I haven't worn much such as Fancy Paper Dolls, Whip Factory, and Dream Fantasy. I tried to coord them differently from before too. 

2.) Less spending. Ask myself do I really need it? Certain exceptions apply ;-)

I think I did alright with this one. Yes I did get more stuff, but not as much as I usually would. I'm trying to be more selective with what I do buy. It's been a bit of a challenge.

3.) Focus on specific wishlist items. Like...

a.) Silver shoes and/or purse!

Got silver shoes and I love them! Not much luck with finding a purse yet though.

b.) Book print!

Done! I got Metamorphose: Secret Laboratory in green :-)

c.) Another Moitie jsk!

Done! I ended up getting a few lol.

Wardrobe Goals: 2018!

1.) Replace most of my long sleeve blouses with short sleeved ones! I tend to wear short sleeves  more often.

2.) More selling, less buying! There's a bunch of items in my sales album. I should sell more of those off before buying other items.

3.) Focus on Wishlist items! Especially...

a.) Black wrist cuffs

b.) Black peignoir

c.) Cat print jsk


  1. These are all great goals! Number 1 of 2017 speaks to me the most haha, I'm guilty of doing the same thing and favoring certain pieces. Also number 3 of 2018, you can never go wrong with cat prints :)