Thursday, December 28, 2017

Preorder Crown Fox Enamel Pin Opening!

Hi friends! <3

Today was a very exciting day because... My package from Peppermint Fox finally arrived! Back in September, I saw they were doing a preorder for a fox enamel pin and just had to get one. The fox looked like a king <3 However, due to production delays it took a lot longer than expected.


9/2~ Preorder is available online. Ordered and paid for. Expected delivery in early November.
11/4~ Email received stating delay due to supplier. New ship date is December 4.
Order will also include a small gift.
12/4~ Email received stating order has been shipped. Provided tracking number.
12/28~ Delivered.

Stock Pic

Peppermint Fox: Crown Fox Enamel Pin
(Description from Peppermint Fox website)
"The prince returns to his kingdom.."
A limited run of hard enamel pins, produced for Peppermint Fox's Fourth Anniversary.


The package...

Opening it up...


Wrapped up...

Unwrapped (front and back views)...

Off the card (front, back, and side views)...

Try-on pic...


It's so cute! <3 The fox is adorable. The enamel is highly detailed and well done. The metal is thick and sturdy. I was surprised that it had two pin backs, but it is a little heavier than their usual wooden pins/brooches. I was not happy with the delay as I was looking forward to wearing it in the fall on my jacket. The free gift sounded nice, but it turned out to be a coupon with a discount code for my next enamel pin order. I would have preferred a postcard or art print featuring the crown fox. Then I could frame it for display. For now though, I'll just hang onto the coupon. Hopefully they do more fox pins in the future. Maybe a princess one? ;-)

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