Friday, October 26, 2018

Share Your Most Worn Dress VS Your Least & Why...

Hi friends! <3

I was not going to be joining in this week's post, but after seeing everyone else's I really wanted to join in. So, I figured why not. Sorry if it's a bit late. Hope you enjoy it anyways!

Now onto the discussion topic...

My most worn dress would have to be one of these two...

Angelic Pretty "Tea Time a la Carte"
Angelic Pretty "Dream Fantasy"

Both are from older lucky packs and are super comfortable to wear. I love how colorful and cute they are. They always make me smile when I wear them. Coording is also super easy as I have a bunch of accessories that match. I just pick a color or two and away I go.

I love to wear strawberry or donut themed items with the first one. And, ice cream or teddy bear themed items with the second one. 

My least worn jsk(s) would be all of these ones that I haven't worn other than to try on. A few I did plan out coords with, but didn't end up wearing them.

Angelic Pretty "Honey Cake Switching"
Moi Meme Moitie "Frame Cross Print Gathered"
Angelic Pretty "Holy Lantern"
Angelic Pretty "Toy Harmony"
Metamorphose "Snow Party Ribbon Shirred"
Moi Meme Moitie "Divine Cross"
BTSSB "Strawberry Tart"
Moi Meme Moitie "Sleeping Garden"
Royal Princess Alice x Automatic Honey "Witch Academy"

Honey Cake and Holy Lantern I had planned to wear to Anime North, but it was way too hot and I ended up wearing more casual clothes. Frame Cross needs to have the straps lengthened as they are way too short. I found some matching ribbon to make extenders, but just need to get around to sewing them. Toy Harmony and Snow Party I got during winter lucky pack season and didn't get around to wearing them. Divine Cross has just been waiting to be worn. Strawberry Tart I got during the summer time with the intention of trying out a country/berry picking type coord for a summer meet-up, but it was so hot out and meet-ups were not really happening at that time either. Sleeping Garden and Witch Academy I just got recently. I am hoping to wear Witch Academy to a meet-up this weekend. I just have to finish coording it.

I do plan to wear all of these dresses sometime though. Stay tuned for when I finally do :-)  

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  1. Haaaa so many unworn dresses! ^^'' I hope you get to wear them soon! :3

  2. Although your 'most-worn' dresses are Sweet, you have quite a range of styles in your wardrobe! o: that's really cool!

    Even if the color palette is limited (especially with the more Gothic JSKs) maybe just the right event or theme would give you the stroke of inspiration to put together your perfect coordinate.