Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Halloween Work Coord!

Hi friends! <3

Since it was Halloween, I got to dress up for work. I debated over what to wear, then decided on lolita. Even though I just wore a coord a few days ago, I wanted to wear a different dress. Specifically my Meta one with the book print, black cats, and cauldrons. I thought it would be perfect for the spooky holiday.

There was a costume contest with prizes. I didn't win anything though. Oh well. But I did enjoy the yummy apple cider and donuts afterwards.

When I got home, I set-up my ghost bear lamp to continue with that spooky feeling. He looks so cute holding the pumpkin with a spider and little bats flying around. Here's how it looks normally...

And in the dark...

Cute, right? Hope you have a Happy Halloween! <3


I wore a classic/gothic coord in green x black x brown.

Jsk~ Metamorphose "Secret Laboratory"
Necklace~ Metamorphose "Crystal Lantern"
Otks~ Angelic Pretty "Holy Lacy Doll"
Bag~ Innocent World "Rose Lace Book"
Blouse, bracelet~ vintage/thrifted
Hat, shoes~ offbrand/thrifted
Earrings~ offbrand/gift

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