Friday, October 19, 2018

Create a Halloween Inspired Coord...

Hi friends! <3

Halloween is getting near, and this week's topic is a perfect way to get into the holiday spirit. It is one of my favorite holidays since everyone can pretty much wear what they want and not get any strange looks or comments. Some of favorite motifs include cats, bats, and crosses.

Since I had already ordered a couple things for a Halloween coord, I tried to plan out something that would work with what I had. Well, except the bag. I don't have that yet. Maybe I can find one that will work in the meantime. I'm hoping to wear the coord to a meet-up that is in a couple of weeks.

Headband~ Sweet Mildred
Blouse~ vintage/thrifted
Jsk~ Automatic Honey x Royal Princess Alice "Witch Academy"
Otks~ Angelic Pretty "Holy Lantern"
Necklace~ vintage/thrifted
Ring~ Automatic Honey "Witch Academy Luka"
Shoes~ Bodyline
Bag~ AATP "Coffin Style Pochette"

Feel free to check out the coords other bloggers did at:

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