Friday, October 5, 2018

Create a Fall Themed Coord...

Hi friends! <3

So, today we're creating a fall themed coord.
When I think of fall, chilly weather and apples come to mind.
I hope it came through in the coord...

Headdress- AATP "Wicked Bouquet"
Blouse- Offbrand/Vintage
Necklace- AATP "Patchwork Apples"
Jsk- AATP "Snow White's Patchwork Apples II"
Otks- Enchantlic Enchantilly "Little Briar Rose"
Shoes- Bodyline
Purse- AP "Classic Apple Shoulder"
Ring- AATP "Apple"

I hope you enjoyed my coord. It was fun to create. Feel free to check out what other bloggers did at:

1 comment:

  1. Apples are definitely the best part of autumn. I'm loving all the purple accents in your coord!