Monday, December 30, 2019

Wardrobe Goals: 2019 & 2020!

Hi friends! <3

It's time for wardrobe goals! So, I'm going to review what mine were from the previous year, along with how well (or not) I've done. I'm also setting some new goals for next year. Enjoy!

Curious about earlier wardrobe goals?

Wardrobe Goals: 2019!

1.) Make more handmade accessories! I enjoy making things to go with my coords. I've got tons of craft supplies and ideas, but then get lazy/distracted. I need to just set aside some time, sit down, and do it.

Not accomplished. Didn't feel motivated/inspired. Maybe another time.

2.) Try out more indie brands! I've seen some really nice things from Lady Sloth, Haenuli, and Enchantlic Enchantilly.

Done! I got accessories from Voodooodolly, Spooky Sparkle Party, Puvithel, and some smaller indie brands.

3.) More Wishlist items! Specifically...

a.) Honey Cake Headbow or Round Cut Jsk in mint. I have the other version of the jsk, but it's a little snug on me. And I currently do not have the matching headbow. I planned to use another headbow, but it doesn't look quite right.

Somewhat accomplished. I had my shopping service order them soon after the made-to-order was announced for Japan. Mint was not an option, so I went with ivory.

b.) Black or brown short sleeve blouse. I only have long sleeve blouses in those colors and short sleeves would be better for me.

Done! I got 3 black ones. Brown is hard to find it seems, but I'll keep looking.

c.) Otks in yellow or with yellow in the print/design. I have come to notice that color is lacking in my legwear. Probably why I hardly ever wear my yellow blouse.

Not accomplished. Also another difficult item to find. Will keep looking.

Wardrobe Goals: 2020!

1.) Get a rack or shelf for my lolita shoes. I was keeping them in the back corner of my closet on top of a box, but I've run out of space with my recent additions.

2.) Do more coords with rectangle headdresses. I've come to realize how much I like the look of them. Since some of my dresses don't have any matching headwear currently, this might work out well.

3.) Continue hunting down Wishlist items. Especially...

a.) Gold shoes (to replace my current ones as they are starting to crack on the sides and not look so pretty)

b.) Pink x white bracelet (to match with the majority of my coords, no more wearing one bracelet of each color to get the same effect)

c.) Brown, dark green, or yellow otks (to be able to wear blouses of those colors more)

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