Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Dec Sip Down Progress & Jan Goals!

Hi friends! <3

December was an interesting month for me. Since I only had part of the month, my progress was minimal. This time, I wanted to do better. Also from now on, I would have a whole month for my sip down. The first thing I realized was that I had to increase my tea intake from occasionally to almost daily. I noticed that some people in the group drank multiple cups a day, which helped them get through more. I took some empty glass bottles and began filling them each day with tea so I would  always have it on hand to drink. They were fairly small but these "trainer" bottles worked out good.

I made decent progress and am quite pleased...

In December, I was able to get through most of what I planned to. The little tin had Maple Syrup Oolong (DavidsTea) and the jar had Queen of Hearts (Tea and Absinthe). My least favorite was Citrus Sunrise. It tasted like a lemony orange juice. Favorites were Earl Grey Supreme and Constant Comment.

I bought some teas that were on sale. The Tazo chai sounds very interesting...

I also bought a bunch of fun mugs and other teaware/tools. This sparkly blue travel tumbler and tea sample was a Christmas gift. I picked the rest up at various thrift stores for cheap...

For January, I am going to continue with Golden Dragon and Lipton's Matcha, and work through these other ones :-)


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