Saturday, January 25, 2020

Wardrobe Post: 2020!

Hi friends! <3

It's time for the annual posting of my wardrobe!
I've been into lolita for 10 years now, and this is my seventh year doing this kind of post.

You can view earlier wardrobe posts by clicking the year below...


This year, I continued to trim and fine-tune my wardrobe. My wardrobe has stayed about the same except for some new additions which will work well with what I already have. I also ended up with twelve items off my wishlist, so I'm pretty happy overall.

I reviewed the wardrobe goals I set last year, and set new ones for this year too. You can read about that at Wardrobe Goals: 2019 & 2020!

Since this marks my tenth year of being into lolita, I was going to do a full wardrobe post with *all* the things. But, I was busy with work and then some unexpected family things happened, so I was not able to do that after all. I still wanted to do a wardrobe post, so I decided to just do one with all the new stuff.

Please enjoy this abridged version :-)


Miss Tee- Vintage short sleeve with subtle striping and high collar.

Principles- Vintage short sleeve with cut-out style neckline.

Spin Doctor- Short sleeve with lovely lace detailing and high collar.

Unknown-Vintage short sleeve with buttons up the back and interesting layers.

Shapely- Vintage long sleeve with beautiful lacy neck area and details.


Bodyline: Sailor Jsk Costume839

Angelic Pretty: Wonder Toy

Innocent World: Angels in Stained Glass Church Choir

BTSSB: Strawberry Tart


Bags/Purses- BTSSB: Usakumya Rucksack, Loris: Bat, Liz Lisa: Tote

Otks- Angelic Pretty: Star Shower, Angelic Pretty: Tea Time, Metamorphose: Snow Party Logo, Metamorphose: Mermaid Princess
Angelic Pretty: Day Dream Carnival, Angelic Pretty: Unknown, Metamorphose: Lace Print

Shoes- An*tai*na: Unknown, Bodyline: Shoes536

Headdresses- Eternally Thirsty: Skulls and Flowers,  BTSSB: Spin Doll, Metamorphose: Tulle Lace Princess

Hair Clips- Twylite: Moon, Spooky Sparkle Party: Star and Bat

Earrings- BTSSB: Princess Rapunzel Dolly Pierced, Articulate Constellations: Coffins
Offbrand: Roses, Vintage: Dangly, Puvithel: Crystal Heart Teardrop

Wrist Cuffs- Bella Donna: Deluxe
Bracelets- Offbrand: Sparkly Heart Bead, Offbrand: Stars

Necklaces- Vintage: Poodle, Offbrand: Unicorn, Cheeky Cute Boutique: Ice Cream

Offbrand: Cross, Offbrand: Cameo, Puvithel: Crystal Heart

Pins- Fluffy Tori: Everybody Can Be Kawaii, Sweet Mildred: Foxes and Cat
Disney (replicas): Shellie Mae and Duffy Bears
Vintage: Crown, Disney (official): Marie Standing, Disney (replicas): Marie Sitting and Marie Tsum Tsum

Rings- Voodooodolly: Beasts Dragon, Automatic Honey: Orion's Spell, Q-Pot: Rose, BTSSB: Dot Ribbon, Vintage: Rose, Vintage: Poison
Angelic Pretty (all): Polka Dot Love Heart, Milky Candy, Dreamy Horoscope Ribbon, Jewelry Heart Jelly x2
Sweet Poison Cupcake: Rose, Offbrand: Rose, Sweet Poison Cupcake: Rose, Twylite: Winged Heart, Sleepy Sheepie Creations: Wing x2

Items for Next Year's Post

Chocomint: Drop Pearl Bracelet (pink x yellow)

Angelic Pretty: Honey Cake MTO (ivory)

Thanks for reading!

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