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Wardrobe Post: 2018!

Hi friends! <3

It's time for the annual posting of my wardrobe!
This is my fifth year doing one, but I've been into lolita for eight years now.

You can view earlier wardrobe posts over here:

This year, I focused on trimming down items that I didn't really wear/need anymore. I also obtained more dresses, a few blouses, and a bunch of accessories that went with what I already had. I'm really happy to have obtained some of my top wishlist items such as Angelic Pretty's Daydream Carnival Tiered Jsk and matching headbow, Innocent World's Book Bag, and Angelic Pretty's Decoration Dream Pony Ring. Everything in my wardrobe is still fairly interchangeable; making it easier for me to coord.

I reviewed the wardrobe goals I set last year, and set new ones for this year.
You can read about that here.

My style is mainly still sweet, but with some classic and a bit more gothic. I love to change up my look sometimes. One meet-up I'll be in full on sweet Angelic Pretty pink and cutesy printed pastels, the next in elegant gothic Moi Meme Moitie black and navy with crosses and roses. It's fun! :-)

Note: I'm just going to be sharing skirts, dresses, and other newly acquired items this time. New dresses will be in bold type. Everything else is about the same. Please refer to last year's wardrobe post for pics of the other items. If you are curious about an item/brand/or where it came from, just ask.

Enjoy! :-)


Rose Melody: Strawberry Parfait

Handmade (not by me): Polkadots and Parfaits

Triple Fortune: Strawberries


Handmade (not by me): Eyelet // Handmade (by my sister): Teddy Bears

Angelic Pretty: Tea Time a la Carte // Angelic Pretty: Daydream Carnival Tiered

Angelic Pretty: Dreamy Jewel // Angelic Pretty: Cotton Candy Shop

Angelic Pretty: Tea Time a la Carte // Angelic Pretty: Dream Fantasy
(My most often worn dresses. I just love how cute and cheerful they are <3)

Angelic Pretty: Chocolate Rosette Collared Special Set // Angelic Pretty: Holy Lantern Zipper

Innocent World: Rabbit and Horse Carousel Frill // Replica: Angelic Pretty's Sugar Dream Dome 

Angelic Pretty: Astro Regimen Special Set // Angelic Pretty: Holy Lantern High Waist

Angelic Pretty: Jewel Marine // Angelic Pretty: Eternal Carnival

Angelic Pretty: Fancy Paper Dolls Special Set // Innocent World: Ave Marie Stained Glass Tulle Lace

Metamorphose: Secret Laboratory // Angelic Pretty: Honey Cake Switching
(Love Honey Cake, but it's a bit snug on me. Hoping to find the other cut with the full back shirring. Also iso the matching headbow and otks.)

Angelic Pretty: Wonder Toy // Angelic Pretty: Whip Factory

Infanta: Poker Print II // Angelic Pretty: Star Night Theater

Angelic Pretty: Marine Kingdom // Angelic Pretty: Luminous Sanctuary
(Still iso the matching headbow for Marine Kingdom. Love the details in both these prints <3)

Angelic Pretty: Crystal Dream Carnival // Angelic Pretty: Elizabeth Unicorn
(Still iso the matching headbow for Elizabeth Unicorn as well.)

Angelic Pretty: Aquarium Carnival // Metamorphose: Grapy Sweetie Fox Cub
(Foxes are my favorite animal so I was super excited about this release. I only wish there were more color choices. Sax, lavender, or pink would have been nice.)

Innocent World: Midnight Merry-go-Round Diamond Lace // Angelic Pretty: Merry Making Party

Infanta: Power and Thrones II // Metamorphose: Twinkle Journey
(I'm so happy to have found my preferred colorway of Twinkle Journey.)

Moi Meme Moitie: Frame Cross Print Gathered // Angelic Pretty: Holy Lantern Zipper
(The straps on the Moitie one are surprisingly short. Thankfully they are detachable, so I will be making replacement straps for it.)

Angelic Pretty: Merry Bunny // Metamorphose: Princess Wardrobe

Baby the Stars Shine Bright: Dreamy Pony Ribbon Ribbon // Angelic Pretty: Candy Sprinkle
(The Baby dress is one of my very first brand purchases.)

Angelic Pretty: Tea Time a la Carte // Baby the Stars Shine Bright: Milk-chan and Snow Strawberry Print Ribbon
(And this Baby dress is the other one of my very first brand purchases. Still iso the matching headbow too.)

Moi Meme Moitie: Stained Glass Chiffon // Moi Meme Moitie: Divine Cross (Sendai store only release)
(Never thought I'd own such a rare version of Divine Cross, but the chance came along to obtain it at a decent price and I couldn't say no <3)


Angelic Pretty: Little Bear's Café

Moi Meme Moitie: Alchemy Print Chiffon

Other New Items

Blouses- All offbrand/vintage.

Petticoat- offbrand


Apron and headkerchief- offbrand/vintage

Innocent World: Rose Lace Book Bag

Baby the Stars Shine Bright: Usakumya Rucksack 2014
(A cute gift from my lovely boyfriend <3)

Baby the Stars Shine Bright: Butterfly Crown Scepter
(I had wanted one for awhile and finally got one. <3)

Triple Fortune: Bonnet
(Another want item. It's so pretty <3)

Sweet Mildred: headband, handmade crown, headband gifted from a friend, Innocent World: Moonlight Church headbow, 6% Doki Doki two-way clip, Sweet Poison Cupcake: Bone hair clips.

Sweet Mildred: Lace Trim Veils

Otks- Metamorphose: Twinkle Journey, Angelic Pretty: Merry Making Party, Metamorphose: Ribbon Stripe, Angelic Pretty: Wonder Toy, Metamorphose: Royal Ornament, Metamorphose: Antique Bouquet, Angelic Pretty: Holy Lantern, offbrand.

Shoes- Bodyline: Shoes521

Necklaces- offbrand/vintage


Offbrand/vintage, Peppermint Fox: Chamomile Fox, Metamorphose: Crystal Lantern, offbrand/vintage.

Metamorphose: Sparkly Bow, Le'Petite Macaron: Icecream, Sweet Poison Cupcake: Parfait.

Pins/brooches- Handmade (by me) honey bear bottle, Peppermint Fox: Fortuna Fox and Library Fox, offbrand/vintage unicorns, Disney: Shellie Mae, Peppermint Fox: Crown Fox Enamel. 

Wristcuffs- Angelic Pretty: Polka Dot Grosgrain Ribbon, Belladonna: unknown, Angelic Pretty: Noble

Bracelets- mainly offbrand, one vintage.

Earrings- Metamorphose: Crosses and Crowns, offbrand/vintage, Moi Meme Moitie: Bead Cross, offbrand/vintage, Le'Petite Macaron: Parfaits.

Rings- Angelic Pretty: Decoration Dream Pony and Heartbeat Ribbon, Automatic Honey: Dearly Departed and Dreamy Unicorn, Angelic Pretty: Dreamy Horoscope Unicorn and Candy Ribbon, Automatic Honey: Mermaid Treasure, Sweet Poison Cupcake: Icecream Scoop, Angelic Pretty: Melty Cream Donut and Tiara Chocolate, Sweet Poison Cupcake: Teddy Bear and Cat. 

Items for Next Year's Post/In the Mail

Angelic Pretty: Toy Harmony Lucky Pack (sax)

Metamorphose: Snow Party Ribbon Shirred Dress Set (bordeaux)

Automatic Honey: Kuma's Manor necklace (pink)

Angelic Pretty: Tokimeki ring (white)

Thanks for reading!

Feel free to check out my sales listings on lacemarket ;-)

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  1. Such an impressive collection! I love that you have so many styles in your wardrobe :)