Saturday, January 27, 2018

Albright Knox Meet-up!

Hi friends! <3

Went to an art gallery with another comm. There was a special exhibit by Takashi Murakami called 'The Deep End of the Universe' with lots of colorful and detailed creatures. It was great seeing the unique and creative things on display. I especially liked how some of them were interactive :-)

Loved this colorful dragon...

And these adorable pandas...

You could even sip some tea in a tent and imagine yourself in a far away land...

Or experience a different perspective in a room with giant furniture...

Also, floor candy... ?

Or take a nice mirror selfie in a cube made up entirely of mirrors...

I even made a new friend! ;-)

***Went to Denny's after for food.***

Ordered a skillet that arrived missing sausage, but had bonus pieces of broccoli...? I had the waitress  fix it. You would think if an ingredient is listed in the description on the menu it would come with it, right?

 And a cake batter shake. No issues here. Super delicious <3


Wore a classic/sweet coord in bordeaux x ivory/tan x gold.

Headbow~ Innocent World "Moonlight Church"
Jsk~ Innocent World "Rabbit and Horse Carousel Frill"
Purse~ Innocent World "Starry Keynote Embroidered"
Otks~ Metamorphose (from Snow Party Special Dress set)
Shoes~ Bodyline
Blouse, necklace, earrings~ vintage/thrifted
Rings~ offbrand

Makeup and details pic...

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