Saturday, February 1, 2020

Jan Sip Down Progress & Feb Goals!

Hi friends! <3

Since December went so well, I decided to keep the momentum going. I thought my success was due to the fact that I was getting used to drinking tea almost every day, but then I had a week where I just couldn't drink any. I decided not to push it and take a break for the moment. Later on, I was able to resume my tea drinking. Has anyone else had this happen?

In January, I was able to get through a few cups of the Teavana: Golden Dragon, half of the Tetley: Balance tin sachets, and three Lipton: Matcha Green sachets :-)

I bought this frother at a thrift store and the pretty tin from someone in one of the tea fan groups online. I think they will come in handy...

For February, I'm going to continue with Teavana: Golden Dragon, finish up Tetley: Balance & Lipton: Matcha Green, use up some samples (DavidsTea: Cream of Earl Grey, Tea and Absinthe: White Cherry & Spicy Pear), and start working on the other two boxes (Tradition: Matcha Latte and Harris Teeter: Pomegranate White).


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