Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Snack Time: Chai Caramel Popcorn!

Hi friends! <3

I'm back with another new snack to try. Found this at Tops while out getting some groceries.

$2 (on sale!)- Chai Caramel Popcorn- USA

Let's open it up...


One little piece...

Nom nom…


This was really good! The popcorn was coated fairly evenly with the caramel and spice mixture. It had a nice sweet flavor with just a hint of spice. Not like a hot spice that burns your tongue, but a more subtle one that warm you from the inside. I especially liked the crunchiness combined with the cinnamon and caramel flavors. The ingredient label mentions some other ingredients such as coconut, but I couldn't really taste them. Which is fine with me as I'm not much of a coconut fan. With the sale price, it's a real great deal for such a large bag. I would probably get it again!

Stars: **** (4 out of 5)

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