Friday, February 1, 2019

Share Your Most Prized Dress, Headpiece, & Accessory...

Hi friends! <3

As a lolita, you tend to acquire a lot of items in your wardrobe over time.  Dresses, skirts, blouses, along with various headpieces, and accessories. Some are useful when coording, some are not. This week's prompt has us sharing our most prized dress, headpiece, and accessory.

My most prized dress would be this Moi Meme Moitie "Divine Cross" jsk. It is a special edition that was only sold in the Sendai store in Japan. I purchased it secondhand from a friend a couple years ago at a decent price. While I am mainly a sweet lolita, I love the gold details of the print and lace <3 It is very comfortable to wear due to the shirring (partial in front and full in back), and it makes me feel very elegant.

Stock Pic

My Pics

For headpiece, I went with my (first and only) bonnet from Triple Fortune. I got it at Ruffle Con in 2017 direct from the Triple Fortune booth. I had originally wanted a navy or black one, but once I saw this version, that was it. I wore it the next day together with my DDC jsk and BTSSB gold scepter. I truly felt like a princess. It's so beautiful and I wish there were more special occasions to wear it.


And lastly, for accessory, I chose the Innocent World "Rose Lace" bag. I love to read and the existence of a book shaped purse is amazing. It's the perfect size to hold my stuff while being both cute and functional. This particular version was kind of hard to track down in my price range, but I ended up finding it online for not too bad of a price. It goes great with the one book print jsk I have and also with classic coords.

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  1. Triple Fortune bonnets are amazing, I bought mine directly from them at an event too (literally made a beeline for it as soon as I was allowed in).