Friday, February 15, 2019

What Would Be an Item or Accessory That You Wish You Had More of...

Hi friends! <3

This topic is a bit difficult for me. As a lolita who's been in the fashion for nine years, I've built up a fairly well-rounded wardrobe. Most of what I have is fairly interchangeable and goes with multiple things. I periodically review it to see what's missing and add items to my wishlist so I can search for them later. 

After some thinking, I decided gothic accessories would be my topic, rings in particular!

Since acquiring multiple Moi Meme Moitie dresses over the past few years, I've noticed that gothic accessories are seriously lacking in my wardrobe. I've picked up things as I found them gradually; a veil, couple pairs of otks, bunch of cross necklaces, rectangular headdress, and a headband. But one kind of accessory has me stumped... rings. I have a lot of rings, but out of all the possible ones I could use, I believe they are more suited to sweet style (star, unicorn, rose, and bow shapes).  I did get a couple rings from Automatic Honey that I thought would work, but they don't seem gothic enough. 

Gothic rings tend to be bold type statement pieces. I would love to have a few to wear in black, silver, or white. And preferably not just crosses. I have seen some rings by Voodooodolly online and even purchased one recently, but failed to notice that it was framed in gold when silver would have been a better choice. I suppose I could always use non-lolita rings, but I don't think it looks quite the same.

Gothic lolitas, what do you do? Where are some good places to find gothic rings? I would love to hear your input, or if you are selling some inexpensive ones leave links below. Thanks!

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  1. Gothic lolita is tricky when it's your tertiary style and you're not keen on crosses (or skulls - I know, I'm in the same boat). I think going with non-lolita jewellery is the easiest way, since you will have some shops selling gothic and alternative accessories you can see in person before committing to purchasing them. My personal struggle with the (very small and still budding) gothic side of my wardrobe is headpieces. My go-to with all other styles is a headbow, which is way too cutesy for a sleek gothic look and sometimes you want something more understated than a bonnet. So I'm still looking and making do with flower clips in the meantime.

    1. I don't mind crosses and skulls, I just think they are sometimes over done. Headpieces aren't too bad, it just depends what you like. I've found that I like the flat rectangular headdresses with lace. Although, my favorite piece to wear is my raven headband from Sweet Mildred. Similar to this one ( but in all black and with a bird replacing one of the large flowers. Until you find something suitable a large, flat, side headbow would work fine.