Sunday, January 6, 2019

Lolita & J-Fashion Golf Meet-up!

Hi friends! <3

I met up with the semi local comm to do some mini golfing indoors at a mall. It was called Glowgolf and had lots of cool glow in the dark decorations, and interesting obstacles to navigate around.

This parrot seemed right at home among all the bright colors...

It was fun. I even got a hole in one! Some of those holes were very tricky. I ended up winning a free game on the bonus hole (where you return your ball).

Afterwards, we wandered in a few stores and got lunch. I tried this special bourbon bbq burger. It was good, but could have used more sauce...


Wore a classic coord in black x brown x ivory.

I went with a simple and comfy look with minimal poof. First time wearing my necklace and these otks. They work well with this coord :-)

Headbow, jsk~ Atelier-Pierrot "Art Museum"
Otks~ Metamorphose "Dressy"
Ring~ Angelic Pretty "Tiara Chocolate"
Bag~ Innocent World "Rose Lace Book"
Necklace~ Peppermint Fox "Chamomile Fox"
Blouse, earrings, bracelet~ vintage
Shoes, other ring~ offbrand

Makeup and details...

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