Friday, January 18, 2019

Tailoring Your Wardrobe: Making it Work & Suit You...

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With wardrobe post season upon us, it's a perfect time to reflect on what makes one's wardrobe essentially theirs. For those who are maybe just starting out in the fashion, it can be quite overwhelming. Where does one even begin? Here are some of the things that I have considered when creating (and revising) my own wardrobe.

What is its purpose?

For me it was easy. I wanted my wardrobe to be wearable. Some people wear lolita daily or hardly at all. I wanted mine to be sufficient enough to be able to rotate dresses and try out different looks when coording. I attend 1-2 monthly meet-ups along with some additional events or special occasions. I figure what's the point in spending all this money on things just to have it sit around looking pretty? They are clothes after all and meant to be worn.

What do I like?

Style-wise I love sweet the most, but enjoy classic and gothic as well. So, I have a variety of colors, prints, and themes to choose from. I've found that certain brands are good if you know what you are looking for. Pastel colors, cute teddy bears, and desserts? Angelic Pretty. A lady-like floral print? Try Innocent World. Crosses, roses, stained glass? Moi Meme Moitie.

Does it fit me?

The most important one of all. Whenever I start looking at a dress or blouse I check the measurements carefully. Certain things like the cut or amount of shirring will often decide things. I try on items as soon as possible to make sure it fits properly. If not, I will put it up for sale right away. There's no use keeping something around that I won't wear due to it not fitting how it should.

Is it useful?

I love when items can be used multiple ways and or times. I mean, sure that tiny pony bag is cute and all, but a larger simple pink heart shaped bag would be able to hold your stuff better, not to mention match with multiple coords. Staple items like a white blouse, good petti, and a durable pair of shoes will do wonders.

Hopefully you found some interesting tips to apply to your own wardrobes. Check out what other bloggers had to say at:

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  1. Those are definitely the right questions to ask yourself in general, regardless of what style you're trying to get into. If it suits your purpose, fits your taste and suits your body, then you're more likely to wear it and feel good in it.