Sunday, November 22, 2015

La-Tea-Da & Strong Museum Meet-ups!

Hi friends! <3

Went to the new La-Tea-Da location with a visit to the Strong Museum afterwards. The food was yummy and it was fun to look around and interact with many of the cool exhibits :-)

For this meet-up, I went with a sweet coord in white x pink.

Headbow~ BTSSB "Kitty Kitty Rhapsody"
Blouse~ thrifted
Jsk~ Angelic Pretty "Dreamy Jewel"
Necklace, one ring~ Angelic Pretty "Crystal Dream Carnival"
Another ring~ Angelic Pretty "Dreamy Horoscope Ribbon"
Socks~ Secret Shop
Shoes~ Bodyline
Earrings, both bracelets, last ring~ offbrand

***Random fun pics***

 Raspberries in Paris tea... <3


Superhero walk...

 Musical crayons...

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