Friday, March 27, 2015

Otks and Final Bodyline Order Opening!

Hi friends! <3

My otks and the very last part of my Bodyline order arrived today :-)

Angelic Pretty: Marionette Clock Otks in pink

This Bodyline order will most likely be my last one. Ever since buying and wearing more brand items I have noticed the obvious differences in both the quality of the fabric, lace, and clearness of the prints. I will probably just buy the shoes second-hand and wear the jsks for casual days.

With the help of my boyfriend, I ordered 1 pair of shoes and 3 jsks from Bodyline back on February 15th. I couldn't wait for everything to arrive, but soon found out that I would be waiting for a far longer time than anticipated.

My order got split into 3 parts; which is really strange as 4 items is not a lot. I got one package on 3/6, another on 3/18, and the last on 3/26.

All the packages together at last...

First up... Shoes178 in blue

Next... "Carousel" jsk L144 in blue.

Finally... "Carousel" jsk L144 in pink and "Squirrel Party" jsk L391 in green.

On the "Squirrel Party" one I noticed it had the print backwards. Not sure if I want to keep it. Will wear it once and see. Otherwise I might just end up selling it.

All of the jsks together...

I had been wanting the shoes for awhile now. I have them in pink and black and love how comfy they are. The blue will match with a lot of things in my wardrobe. And I'm really glad to have gotten the other colors of the Carousel jsk. Now I own all 5 colorways: yellow, pink, blue, lavender, and black. The Squirrel Party one is cute, but I'm not so sure about the green color. Thought I'd try it and see.

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