Sunday, February 28, 2016

Day #52-58: Lifestyle Lolita Challenge!

Hi friends! <3
Continuing along with the daily challenges...

 I used the site

Then for fun, I compared it to Angelic Pretty's Cosmic print ;-)

Cool, huh? 


Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh. I love how the colors look together and the swirling brushstrokes make me think of a cool night breeze.

And here's the coord... <3

 Angelic Pretty "Cosmic" headbow
Offbrand blouse and tights
Innocent World "Starry Keynote Embroidered" bag
Innocent World "Moonlit Walk Just Waist" jsk
Bodyline shoes


These plastic boxes are great for storing my accessories. The smaller ones hold necklaces, bracelets/wristcuffs, earrings, rings, and brooches/pins. The larger ones hold headbows, headbands, hair clips, and waist ties. My brand jewelry items are stored in a large jewelry box on my dresser


Completed. An interesting read. My favorite one was A Princess greets everyone with a welcoming smile, melting the hearts of friends and disarming her enemies. I think everyone should be friendly and get along without having conflict. When meeting new people, a smile can start things off in a positive way.

 Went back to April of 2011 and looked at sweet style. Many of the coords seem simple with a few small accessories used as accents. They seem very plain compared to today's coords which have multiple accessories and sometimes over-sized props. It's almost as if there is a "more is better" theme.


This applies to a couple lolitas I know. Again, not going to name names, but they know who they are.


Watched "Intro to Dipping Pen Handlettered Calligraphy" over on YouTube. Very elegant.

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