Friday, September 20, 2019

Share Your Top 5 Wishlist Items & What Draws You to Them...

Hi friends! <3

Today we're talking wishlist items. Most lolitas have items they've wished/searched/hunted for, or just generally want to create their ideal lolita wardrobe. And not just beginners, but those who have been in the fashion for a long time too. Starter pieces, rare prints, new releases, etc can all be appealing for different reasons. My wishlist is fairly large right now. It includes dream dresses, hard to find accessories, and specific items to help make coording certain dresses possible. I also like to update it every so often to redirect my focus and avoid impulse buying. I find it fairly helpful. So without futher ado, here's my top 5 wishlist items...

Moi Meme Moitie: Stained Glass Print Chiffon Jsk (green)

Green is my favorite color. I know I already have this jsk in blue, but I would love the green version too. It is super comfortable and fits great. The print is gorgeous! Not to mention I have a blouse that would match perfectly with it, as well as some accessories too...

Angelic Pretty: Honey Cake Headbow (mint)

Another but lighter; green item. I have the jsk but no matching headbow. Nothing I have for headwear looks quite right with it either. The subtle print and lace are so nice.

Angelic Pretty: Honey Cake Round Jsk (mint)

This version has the full back shirring which I would prefer over the one I have with only partial shirring. Mine is a bit snug and doesn't leave much room to move around and/or breathe. The print is super cute with bears and various breakfast foods <3

Bodyline: Shoes521 (gold)

I wear my current pair of gold shoes a lot. They are starting to show signs of wear though. I have this style in silver and they seem to hold up well. It would be great to get these as a replacement sometime.

Metamorphose: Cat Print Lace-up Pinafore Jsk (sax)

I've been wanting a cat print jsk and I love how cute and simple this one is. Many of the other cat prints out there are not a flattering cut for me and/or are too busy with the print/details. This one also has full back shirring, so it will be super comfortable. I also think it will be most versatile for coording when compared to the other colorways ;-)

Hope you liked this entry!

If you happen to see any of these items, please let me know!

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