Sunday, August 13, 2017

Carousel Museum Meet-up!

Hello friends! <3

Today I went to a carousel museum with some friends from the two nearby comms. 

First, we entered a gift shop to pay admission and decided to take took a look around too. I saw a figurine and necklace set, pretty stationary, and a tank top that tempted me to buy them, but I was too excited about the museum to give in. 

Once everyone had their tickets, we started our self-guided tour. It was interesting walking through the displays and learning how the sheet music and carousel horses were created.  I liked how not one single person made a horse. Each horse was divided into sections that carvers were assigned to work on based on their skill level. Apprentices did legs and tails, journeymen did the body, and the master carvers did the head and neck. All these parts were then assembled and glued together.


Here's some of the various finished horses...

There were also other types of animals made for carousels like this ostrich and zebra...

A handy display card for this one explained that horses were "romanced." Meaning that the side of the horse that faced the public was made more decorative, while the other side was left plainer. This was done in order to appeal to riders (and perhaps save on expenses as well). Extra details in carving, painting, and even the addition of fake gemstones can be seen here.

Moving along, we came across a kiddie carousel for little kids to ride. Each horse appeared to have a name on the back of the saddle. I'm not sure if it was supposed to be the rider's name or the horse's name...

Then, there was the regular (adult) carousel. I was super excited to pick my horse and get ready to ride. Take my token please! I loved the spots and vivid colors on my horse <3

Short video of the ride and music...

Music organ and carousel itself...

Afterwards, we went for icecream.  Mine had a crazy amount of whipped cream and sprinkles :-D And then, we ended the day by browsing at an antique store.

It was a great time and I had a lot of fun! <3


Wore a sweet/classic coord in navy x white x gold.

Headbow~ Innocent World "Moon and Stars Embroidery"
Jsk~ Innocent World "Midnight Merry-go-Round Diamond Lace"
Bag~ Innocent World "Starry Keynote Embroidered"
Overskirt~ Angelic Pretty "Aquarium Carnival"
Otk~ Angelic Pretty "Holy Lacy Doll"
One ring~ Angelic Pretty "Candy Ribbon"
Wristcuffs~ Belladonna
One ring~ Chocomint
Shoes~ Bodyline
Blouse, earrings~ offbrand/vintage

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