Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Snack Time: Pepero vs. Pocky!

Hi friends! <3

I'm doing a comparison of two similar types of snacks. The pepero is from an Asian grocery store and the pocky is from Wal-mart.

$1.69- Pepero: White Cookie/Chocolate- Korea
$1.25- Pocky: Cookies & Cream- Japan

Packets inside...

Opening them up...

Sticks side-by-side...

Nom nom…


I thought it was interesting that despite them being similar products and flavors there were some noticeable differences as well. The pepero stick is slightly longer and thicker than the pocky stick. While the pepero one does not have as much of a milk/cream coating as the pocky, it did have a lot of large cookie chunks. However, with the pocky sticks, you do get twice as many as the pepero sticks (18 vs. 9). The pocky had more of a milk/cream flavor while the pepero had more of the cookie flavor.

Both of them were very good. I thought I would like the pocky best since that's what I usually eat. Although I have not tried this particular flavor before. Surprisingly, my favorite one was actually the pepero. I enjoyed the cookie chunks, and the milk/cream flavor seemed less artificial tasting. I would definitely get the pepero again!

Stars: **** (4 out of 5)- Pepero
*** (3 out of 5)- Pocky

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