Saturday, November 11, 2017

Ruffle Con: More Panels, Fashion Shows, & Day 2!

Hi friends! <3

So Saturday started off about the same with breakfast and getting ready but with less of a rush. I took my time getting ready and got help from a friend with putting on my Triple Fortune bonnet. I felt bad that I had spent a lot of time shopping the day before and not done much else. Today I was going to attend a bunch of panels and a few fashion shows with just a little bit of shopping.

I did a quick run of the consignment and vendors rooms and went to a panel on nerdy fashion. The speaker talked about and showed different ways you could express your love of nerdy things through fashion. Wearing a shirt to show your love of a Disney character is one thing, but you could also do this thing called Disney bounding. It's where you wear outfits that are inspired by say a Disney character or the colors they typically wear. For example, if you were a fan of Snow White, you might wear a headband similar to hers, or wear a bright red lipstick, or maybe wear apple earrings. Instead of dressing exactly the same as if you were cosplaying, you just wear normal everyday clothes that create the feeling of the character. I thought that was pretty interesting.

After the panel, I went to a different room to catch the end of the q & a panel with Triple Fortune. The audience asked some good questions and I liked how the designers gave detailed responses. Then I went back to the room for lunch and chill time. I went downstairs to check out a fashion show that featured ouji style clothes. Everyone looked so elegant and prince-like. It was lovely. When it finished, I donned the panda suit again and went to see a couple more fashion shows.

My friend got to be a model for Metamorphose, so it was exciting to see her on the runway all dressed up in a different/darker style. Look at all those ruffles! 

And this bridal look! Totally loving those tiers and accent ribbons...

And a nun type too! So cool...

But this one... This one was my absolute favorite! <3
It reminds me of the bridal one, but with a princessy feel instead...

I was in awe of these and was surprised when after showing off all the dresses, the designer had them come back out so she could talk about each one. Like what inspired it, how many different types of lace it had, the different pieces that went together to create it. Some of the looks you could change up just by removing the underskirt or pulling up a side ribbon. Really neat.

I had dinner and then saw the burlesque show. There were 4 or 5 females that performed and 1 male. Each one had a story/skit/song with themed clothing that was tastefully removed as things progressed. It was a well attended show. Then I checked out the rave which isn't really my type of thing. I left soon after to go up to bed. 


Wore sweet/classic coord in ivory x pink x gold.

I loved wearing my dream dress with the bonnet and scepter. I totally felt like royalty! <3

Jsk~ Angelic Pretty "Daydream Carnival Tiered"
Bonnet~ Triple Fortune
Otks, scepter~ BTSSB "Advent Calendar"
Shoes~ Bodyline
Ring~ Lily of the Valley
Blouse, bracelet, earrings~ vintage/thrifted
Hair clips~ offbrand

Makeup and details closeup pic...


  1. I would love it if more designers would end the fashion show with what inspired them and generally how the pieces they are showing came about. I know that it's not always possible, especially when the designers aren't actually at the event, but this is one of the most interesting things. Especially when you get a brand like AP, who have done several similar designs, I would *love* to know their thought process and how come they created something so similar to a past design (maybe they were unhappy with it? or just love that theme so much? I want to knooow!). :)

    1. Thanks for your comment. I would love to see an Angelic Pretty fashion show and hear from the designers as well. They have done so many designs over the years. I wonder how they continue to come up with a new release every week. I don't mind some repeating themes (such as carousel horses and teddy bears), but it would be nice to see a little more variety as well.