Sunday, November 12, 2017

Ruffle Con: Tea Party, Heading Home, & Day 3!

Hi friends! <3

Sunday began somewhat slowly. I had breakfast, got dressed, and began packing. Since today was the big tea party, I would have no time to pack later. Room check out would be taking place during the tea party so I had to have everything ready for my boyfriend to put in the car. Luckily it didn't take too long.

I went to the consignment room for one last round and also to check out the reduced prices. Select items had colored tags that meant there was a discount of 25%, 50%, or even 75% off the regular ticket price. I happen to glance over at one clothes rack and came face to face with my top dream dress (Alice and the Pirates: Gloria jsk in navy)! It also happened to have a colored sale tag I happily  picked it up and continued browsing. When I had finished, I found an area off to the side to look it over more closely. It was gorgeous <3 Curious about the bust sizing I held it up to me and tried stretching the shirring to see if it would fit me. Despite my efforts, I had to acknowledge the fact that it would not fit me after all. I was heartbroken :-( I hung it up on a rack nearby and bid it farewell. Hopefully someone else would give it a good home. I ended up buying just a pair of wristcuffs and moved on to the vendor's room. A quick look around this time, but nothing caught my eye. 

 After that, it was time to get in line for the tea party. This year's theme was "The Alchemist's Tasting Room." I thought it sounded cool and was glad I decided to wear a gothic coord to go along with it. The stage had this display up on a screen when I walked in.

The table was set up real nice...

I had some green tea... <3

Scones with cream and jam...

There was a food and drink menu...

And six different little sandwiches! The salmon one was my favorite...

Feeling full after all the food, I wandered over to check out the raffle prizes. There were gift certificates, a couple bonnets, a blouse, tote bags, surprise bags, and more...

When I got back to my seat, I noticed that dessert had been brought out.
I helped myself to a little assortment of treats <3

I also got my picture taken with the designers of Triple Fortune :-)

There was a game we played that is similar to telephone. One person would be told a sentence and then that person would have to write down what they heard. They would pass the paper to the person next to them and then that person would have to read the sentence and draw a picture on the following slip of paper to represent the sentence. This would continue going all the way down one side of the table with people alternating between writing and drawing. The goal was to have the sentence at the start be the same as at the end. Some of the results were pretty funny. Then they started drawing for the various raffle prizes. I enjoyed some earl grey tea and hoped my number would be called. I didn't win anything though.

After the tea party ended, I went to pick up my items from the consignment room. I was happy to hear that more of my items had been sold that day. I gathered up what was left and packed them up to put in the car. My boyfriend had completed check out and was relaxing in the lobby. I chatted with my friends and waited for the final event to take place; con group pic. Everyone who attended the con assembled on the main stairs for a giant group pic. They also did two smaller group pics for  "light" and "dark" coords.

Then the con was over and we had to head back home. I changed into comfy clothes for driving and said good bye to my friends. It was a fun con and I hope to go back again next year!


Wore a gothic coord in black x gold.

I wore my new headdress, veil, and headband I had bought instead of what I originally planned. I love how it ended up looking with the rest of my coord. I felt elegant and very gothic.

Jsk~ Moi Meme Moitie "Divine Cross Print" Sendai Special Edition
Otks~ Angelic Pretty "Holy Lacy Doll"
Headband~ Triple Fortune
Headdress, veil~ Sweet Mildred
Ring~ Automatic Honey "Dearly Departed"
Blouse, necklace, earrings~ vintage/thrifted
Shoes, bag~ offbrand

Makeup and details pic...

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