Friday, September 7, 2018

Snack Time: Pocky Green Tea!

Hi friends! <3

Trying out another variety of pocky. From an Asian grocery store.

$3.99- Pocky Green Tea- Japan

Let's open it up...

Individually wrapped packets...

Unwrapping it...

Nom nom…


I thought it was handy that the pocky packets were in a paper tray inside the plastic bag. It made it easy to just slide the tray out, grab a packet, and put the rest away for later. The tray also provided some protection to the sticks from getting squished and/or broken. The coating appeared to be of the standard amount, and the stick was slightly shorter in length. There was a faint green tea smell when I first opened up the packet and a nice green tea flavor while eating too. The taste lingered in my mouth for a bit afterwards and then gradually faded away. When I ate another stick, it refreshed the intensity of the flavor. 

These were really good! And a great deal too; with 9 packets each having 6 sticks. The entire package lasted for multiple snacking sessions. I would definitely get these again!

Stars: **** (4 out of 5)

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