Friday, April 10, 2020

Share a Bit About Your Favorite Piece & How You Acquired It...

Hi friends! <3

Will all the craziness going on in the world, the Lolita Blog Carnival group has been revived! That means fun new posts for all you lovely readers to enjoy :-) Let's get right into things shall we?

My favorite piece is Angelic Pretty's Dream Fantasy <3

I bought it in 2014 from a friend a couple years after I had moved. It was altered to be slightly bigger and came with the matching headbow. I tried it on and the fit was perfect. I was so happy! At the time, my wardrobe was mainly skirts and blouses with maybe a few dresses, so this was a great addition for me.

This jsk was originally from a 2013 lucky pack that included a jsk, headbow, otks, blouse, and small bag. Unknown to me, it was actually fairly new at the time I had bought it. Back then, I wasn't too knowledgeable about prints and releases. I have learned a lot since then though. I even ended up buying the bag from the blue version of that set from another person later on. What are the odds of that?

There are a few aspects that make this my favorite piece (aside from the larger sizing)...

Bodice- Fairly simple and cute. A little bib with tiny bows and star lace. The waist bow is a good size without being too large or obnoxious.

Print- Super cute animals (bunnies, bears, mice, unicorns), scoops of ice cream, rainbows, clouds, stars, castles, balloons, etc. It makes me think of a sweet dream land that I would love to visit. 
Colors- Soft pastels that appear faded, but are not. It really enhances the dream-like feeling of the print.

Lace- In addition to the star lace, there is special lace around the bottom hem that features bears holding balloons and more stars.

I love the attention Angelic Pretty gave  to details, even for just a lucky pack dress. I find it super easy to coord this piece. Here's some I've done over the years...

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