Saturday, April 25, 2020

Virtual Meet-up!

Hi friends! <3

Just a quick post this time. The semi local comm had a virtual meet-up. We chatted a bit and then played an online version of Cards Against Humanity (lolita edition)...

It was interesting and quite different, but fun. Hopefully we'll do another one soon.


Wore a casual coord in navy x black x ivory.

Headdress~ Metamorphose "Tulle Lace Princess"
Earrings~ Metamorphose "Crown Cross"
Cutsew~ Metamorphose unknown/lucky pack
Necklace~ Metamorphose unknown/lucky pack
Otks~Metamorphose "Snow Party Logo"
Skirt~ handmade/gift from a friend
Cardigan, three rings, (slippers)~offbrand
Fourth ring~ vintage

Makeup and details...

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