Sunday, July 22, 2018

Ice Cream Meet-up!

Hi friends! <3

I went for ice cream with the local comm and things ended up going not as planned. We were supposed to meet up downtown at the ice cream shop and have a nice time while staying cool and socializing with each other. When I arrived, one girl was already there and said that the shop didn't actually open until a couple hours later. Also, there was a sign on the door stating that the shop was closed for today. Another girl had texted saying they were still on their way there. 

We walked around a bit playing some Pokémon Go and discussing options. We were hungry and decided to grab some lunch nearby. The mall was brought up and we agreed to head over there after eating. We posted our plans in the event page in case someone else was going to come, but no one replied or showed up. So it was just a few of us that ended up going. It was nice and cool in the mall. We got our ice cream and did some shopping too.

I tried a green tea frozen yogurt with mochi topping. It was so good <3

I also got a cute little Mew charm for on my bag...


I wore a bittersweet/casual coord in white x pink x black.

Cutsew~ Angelic Pretty "Bowtie Frill Sleeveless"
Ring~ Angelic Pretty "Polka Dot Love Heart"
Headband~ Triple Fortune
Shoes~ Bodyline
Necklace~ Sweet Poison Cupcake
Bow (on headband), skirt~ handmade (not by me)
Earrings, bracelet, other ring, socks~ offbrand

Makeup and details pic...

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