Friday, December 14, 2018

List 5 Ways To Keep Warm In Winter...

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With the cold winter weather ahead, this week's topic is all about ways to keep warm in winter. Read on for some of the things I like to do...

1.) Bloomers- I tend to wear cotton type pj shorts as bloomers most of the time, but when it gets cold I reach for these longer length ones I got from Bodyline instead. Nothing worse than a chilly blast of wind under your dress and not having the proper undergarments on.

2.) Leg wear- I find otks more comfortable to wear, but opt for thicker otks, tights, or even leggings when the temperature drops. Like with the bloomers, you want to cover more of yourself. These tights have a subtle patterned texture on them. And leggings, can be tucked into your boots so it doesn't look too weird.

3.) Blouses- Wearing ones with high collars and/or long sleeves can help to hold your body heat in so you stay nice and warm.

4.) Outer wear- Putting on a cardigan over your blouse adds another layer to your clothing. Then you can add a cute coat or cloak.

5.) Additional outer wear- Don't forget things like hats, mittens, and scarves. They can be cute and functional for maintaining warmth. And always choose boots with a good rubber sole if the weather looks iffy. No sense wearing your nice lolita shoes out if they're going to get ruined by the snow and salt. Walkways can be slippery as well. Better to be safe I believe.

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