Sunday, May 5, 2019

Cherry Blossom Festival Coord!

Hi friends! <3

I decided to go last minute to the last day of a local cherry blossom festival. It took place at a history museum downtown. The weather was perfect, and I really wanted to dress up and see the beautiful cherry blossoms. The museum inside also had interesting displays relating to local history and a special photo exhibit featuring different bands that have performed in the area. I recognized one of the photos as being from an Optic Oppression concert I had been to a few months ago. How cool is that? There was also a traditional tea ceremony presentation to conclude the festival. I had such a nice time.

The walkways were sprinkled with fallen petals. So pretty!

Many of the trees were in full bloom. Colors ranged from white-pink to rosy-pink. I took a bunch of pics, just sharing some of my favorites with you...

They were also selling drinks and things to help raise funds for the museum. I got this green tea which was very tasty :-)


Instead of my usual lolita type coord, I tried out wa style. I got a few compliments on it, so it must have looked alright. What do you think?

Hair clips, earrings~ offbrand
Jacket/top~ handmade/gift from a friend
Belt~ vintage/gift from my grandma
Blouse, scarf (worn as tie under belt), bracelet~ vintage/thrifted
Necklace~ Metamorphose "Crystal Lantern"
Skirt~ BTSSB (underskirt from "Love Moon Princess" OP)
Otks~ BTSSB "Strawberry Tart"
Shoes~ Bodyline
Ring~ Angelic Pretty "Candy Ribbon"

Makeup and details...

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