Friday, May 1, 2020

Pros & Cons: Keeping to One Style VS Multiple Styles...

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As a lolita who wears mainly sweet style along with some gothic and the occasional classic, I truly related to this weeks blog prompt. Here's my thoughts on things...

One Style

Pros- Rapid improvement rate, less time spent/invested, fewer pieces required- Coording becomes easier due to practicing/focusing on just that one style. You learn quickly what items work and which do not. Less time is spent shopping as you have a narrow focus. Items bought can often be used in multiple coords.

Cons- Limited selection- Your choices are about the same when deciding what to wear. Do I wear the pink dress with the bunnies or the blue one with the teddy bears? It can become boring/frustrating after awhile. As much as I love pastels and cute prints, there are times when I feel like wearing dark colors or having something with a more subtle design.

Multiple Styles

Pros- Variety/choices, experimenting - You have more flexibility when deciding what to wear. You can be a pastel cupcake one day, then a gothic princess the next. It is easier to experiment and try new things, which leads to learning more about each style along the way. 

Cons- Little time spent/invested (per style), slower improvement rate, more pieces required, more costly, less space- Your time is divided up among the different styles. Less experience means coording will take longer, and the increased likelihood of making mistakes. There is also an increase in spending as not all of your pieces will be able to work with other styles. You will most likely have to purchase additional items that are specific to just that style. When I decided to continue with gothic style, I ended up having to buy a bunch of basics. Things like shoes, a bag, and jewelry. Additional items also means less space. Whatever space you've allocated for your wardrobe will have to share that with your items from those other styles.

While it does seem that it may be better to keep to one style vs multiple styles, I enjoy the freedom and flexibility that multiple styles provide me (as I have been in lolita fashion for ten years now). I love being able to change things up. I would recommend that newer lolitas first gain experience in one style before venturing into another. I hope you enjoyed this post!

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  1. You're definitely right about the boredom when you only wear one style. It can get monotonous after a while.

    Also, the page dividers you used are so cute! Remember when everyone used those on their websites? I'm gonna have to use the gothic one.