Thursday, November 21, 2019

My Tea Collection/Sip Down Begins!

Hi friends! <3

I just joined a tea fan group on Facebook to help encourage myself to drink more tea. Most of the members have a lot of tea or are trying to focus on finishing up ones that they have had awhile or dislike. I think it's a great idea to have a group for this sort of thing. I don't think I have that much, but I would like to start getting more into tea, especially loose leaf types. I tend to just buy boxes with like 20 or 30 tea bags since I only drink tea occasionally. They will keep fresh longer that way too.

I keep my tea stored in this box on the counter to save space...

My collection features boxed packets, some loose leaf ones, and random single packets...

Celestial Seasonings: Citrus Sunrise
Harris Teeter: Pomegranate White
Teavana: Golden Dragon Oolong
Ito En: Matcha Green
Traditions: Match Latte
Lipton: Matcha Green
DavidsTea: Maple Syrup Oolong
DavidsTea: Earl Grey
Teas by Millie: Cherry Almond
Teas by Millie: Belgian Chocolate
Tazo: Passion
Bigelow: Constant Comment
Ahmad: Strawberry
Tazo: Wild Orange
Harney & Sons: Rasberry Herbal
Stash: Chai Spice
Twinnings: Darjeeling
Tea Forte: Swiss Apple
Arizona: Green

Since I joined so late in the month, I decided to work on the Teavana: Golden Dragon and some of the single packets. Starting off with this Tea Forte: Swiss Apple one... Wish me luck! :-)

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