Friday, November 1, 2019

Chilly Day Out!

Hi friends! <3

After creating that spooky/Halloween themed coord last time, I was quite looking forward to a nice day out. However, it was pouring rain and very windy. I ended up delaying my plans until the next day instead. The weather was still chilly, but barely noticeable with all my layers. I went to the local mall which has a large antique store at one end along with a couple smaller vintage/collectables type stores. I collect Disney pins (especially Duffy and Shellie Mae ones) and wanted to see if there were some new ones to find for my collection. It's also just fun to wander around and see all the interesting items on display.

These tea cups and saucers were so pretty. I liked the one in the middle with the blue flowers...

And these adorable original Care Bears (from the 80's) <3

I also visited Duchess, the alligator. She is a rescue animal and the store has special permission to keep/display her for educational purposes. She has gotten a lot bigger since last time I was there... 

After the antique store, I passed by a toy store with these cute plushies called Squishables. I have the vanilla cupcake version at home. It is super soft and huggable. That cake slice one really tempted me though...

This pegasus was pretty awesome too!

The last store I went in was giving out free popcorn, which was a tasty, surprise treat. I didn't end up buying anything today, but I enjoyed my day out. It's been too long since I last frilled up. I may have to do this again sometime.


Wore a gothic coord in green x black x gold.

I made a few changes to the original coord; omitting the wrist cuffs, swapping the rocking horse style shoes for the shiny black ones, and adding a cloak.

Jsk~ Moi Meme Moitie "Sleeping Garden"
Headdress~ Metamorphose "Tulle Lace Princess"
Earrings~ Metamorphose "Crown Cross"
Shoes~ Bodyline
Ring~ Voodooodolly "Beasts Dragon"
Bag~ Loris
Blouse, necklace~ vintage/thrifted
Cloak, otks~ offbrand

Makeup and details...

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