Saturday, November 16, 2019

UB Mini Con!

Hi friends! <3

A local anime convention had a early mini version going on. So, I went with a friend and my boyfriend. There were vendors, panels, and video game tournaments. Admission was free too (unless you entered into the gaming tournaments). 

That same day was also Community Day for Pokémon Go. Chimchar was the featured pokémon with the increased possibility of finding the shiny version. I had a difficult time with my game freezing up frequently, but managed to catch at least one shiny.

The vendor area had some interesting items available. Figures, handmade accessories, etc. I liked this Aggretsuko notebook with her various moods depicted inside.

There was even a tea room/panel with assorted teas and snacks.

I got pretzels, candy, and tried out the chocolate tea.

Went across the hall, to an anime viewing room/panel. Watched some Fairy Tail while waiting for my tea to cool down. The tea was alright; kind of bitter though. Eating some of the chocolate candy helped to add that needed sugar.

Then we went to the food court for a tasty lunch. I had the pork cutlet. Went back home afterwards. It was a nice day out :-) 


Wore a sweet coord in pink x brown x gold. I tried to go with something simple and warm.

Barrette, jsk~ Angelic Pretty "Chocolate Rosette" Special Set
Wrist Cuffs~ Angelic Pretty "Noble"
Ring~ Angelic Pretty "Tiara Chocolate"
Otks~ Metamorphose "Princess Wardrobe"
Necklace, ring~ Sweet Poison Cupcake
Blouse, earrings, shoes~ vintage/thrifted

Makeup and details...

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